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Mary and Frank Hoffman

Mary Hoffman of The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation and sadly passed away August 25, 2018.

The C.A.S.H. annual meeting was scheduled for the next day. Frank and Mary had never missed it since we began having them in 1995. They became our friends and benefactors over the years, and hosted our websites, saving C.A.S.H. and Wildlife Watch much expense and time. And we’re not the only ones their kindness and generosity helps!

Their website hosts at least 50 animal protection organizations!

The night before our annual meeting in August, Frank called to say that Mary had been rushed to the hospital. It was totally unexpected. They had taken their morning walk, the weather was beautiful, they had then gone to their respective offices in their house, and several minutes later, Mary told Frank that she had a severe headache. At the beginning of the meeting when we announced the bad news, we did not know that Mary had died during the night.

Life is so fragile and sometimes there’s truly no time to say “Good-bye.”
It was an honor to have known Mary. If you’ll visit their website, you’ll see Mary’s exquisite art and all of the wonderful work that both Mary and Frank did, and that Frank will continue to do. You’ll see their innumerable contributions to the animal protection movement, and their understanding that animals are precious, that our spiritual nature has to evolve to realize that, and their profound faith that it is in fact evolving.

To see and read more about Mary and her beautiful watercolors, please visit:

During the 2017 C.A.S.H. annual meeting, Mary and I discovered something that we both had in common (aside from the many other things we had in common), it was that we both dearly loved chipmunks.

I will miss Mary!
- Anne Muller



Merle Wilson

C.A.S.H. was extremely saddened to recently learn that Merle Wilson passed away on February 11, 2018. He was 81.

Merle provided C.A.S.H. with hunting information about Iowa. He was extremely astute at analyzing the maneuvers of the game department and how they helped hunting. C.A.S.H. received packages from Merle almost monthly of brochures and newspaper articles about hunting in IA, along with his letters to the editor of various newspapers, and his correspondence with IA politicians. C.A.S.H. kept a section in each newsletter for Iowa because of all that Merle Wilson and his friend, Herman Lenz, sent.

Merle’s wife, Vicki Wilson, told us that she intends to continue helping animals.

CONNIE YOUNG (Pine Plains, NY)

Connie Young

Constance Young, a longtime C.A.S.H member, passed away on June 13, the day before what would have been her 86th birthday. Connie was a professional medical and science writer who used her writing skills to make the case for vegetarianism and against sport and canned hunting, factory farming, and animal experimentation. She especially loved cats and rescued and provided a home for dozens of them over the years.

Connie was also a warm and generous person who is greatly missed by C.A.S.H. and her many friends in and out of the animal rights community.

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