Pando is Dying: Blame Wildlife Management, Not the Deer!
Article posted by C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

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By Marilyn Leybra

A Scientific American article about Pando, the name for a stand of Aspen trees in Utah all connected by the roots is called the largest living organism on the planet. Scientists believe that Pando has existed for thousands of years, and they are concerned that it is dying because deer are eating the young growth as the older trees die off. See

This unfair accusation caused wildlife rehabilitator, Marilyn Leybra, who is familiar with Luke Dommer’s writings to quickly and firmly place the blame where it belongs: on the game agencies that manage deer for hunting.

Marilyn writes:

No, deer do not ‘breed like rats’. They are manipulated by every state wildlife management agency, into over-producing fawns via “management” of the sex ratio. In nature, only the largest, dominant bucks breed with females and in nature deer are normally born in a 50/50 ratio of males to females. Every hunting season, wildlife management agencies regulate licensing. That in combination with the “sport” hunter’s natural preference for antlered deer, produces a deer herd population of mostly breeding females. Poachers as well take many of the largest bucks out of “season.”

You are a lucky soul if you ever get to see a magnificent 10 point plus antlered buck in nature. Sport hunting has even destroyed their genes, and continues to compound the problem by genetically engineering ever-larger and monstrously shaped antlers. See this link and cry for the deer:

Increasing the number of deer is done to satisfy hunter demand for targets and, of course, for the revenue from the purchased licenses. Other manipulation includes killing off the natural predators of deer, clear-cutting forests to create more browse for deer, as well as “controlled burns.” To game agents, it doesn’t matter how many turtles, snakes, and other precious animals are burned alive, the objective is, to keep over-producing more deer, the main money maker for every state in the country.

Yes, some deer (old, very young, weak, injured or diseased) would starve in brutal winters, but not as many as the number that starve because of manipulated over-population. Yes, there would be some deer-car collisions because of human development and more roads, but not nearly the number of collisions because of deer being deliberately over-populated. Yet, the superficial response is that we ‘need’ more hunting. The game agencies and hunters take advantage of the ignorance and convince the public that if they don’t mercifully kill the deer, they would starve to death in winter anyway. But even starvation is caused by the annual autumn war of terror on these animals during the time they’re supposed to be storing up critical fat reserves to get through the winter instead of running for their lives and using up their reserves.

To give credit where credit is due, in the Scientific American article, Paul Rogers, director of the Western Aspen Alliance at Utah State University, was quoted, “‘The problem has largely been created by humans and our game management strategies.’ Rogers says those strategies need to be reconsidered if we want to protect Pando.”

C.A.S.H. is grateful for his insight!

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