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By Anne Mueller

“Tagged Out Early on Bucks, His Hunt Got Even Better”

This article was sent to my email just days ago directly by the Quality Deer Management (QDMA) organization that was gloating over the new angle that one of their members had discovered.

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hunter with dead deer

I admit that I wasn’t sure what “tagged out” meant. But we are still learning all the loopholes in the hunting rules and regs that allow hunters to use devices, bait with plantings, and employ other tricks to lure deer to them. That, in addition to how they can contrive ways to legally kill more animals, even when they have reached the maximum number...

The author of the article had set up his tree-stand in a QDMA clover plot and there he waited for a hapless buck to be attracted to the clover, so he could make an effortless kill.

He complained that a buck whom he had targeted over the summer in trail-camera photos was too far from the stand, so he needed to get off his treestand to stalk the deer and kill him. It was a bit more effort, but he was able to brag, “I was able to wrap my Iowa buck tag around his antler and couldn’t have been happier.”A fellow hunter then pointed out that because he

 had filled his “archery any-sex tag” so early, he wouldn’t be able to hunt a buck during the rut. [Keep in mind that managers need the bucks to impregnate the females in order to keep the killing business going.]

Rather than letting that bad news ruin the rest of the hunting season, he decided that he could at least study the situation from the tree stand and learn about mature bucks, even if he couldn’t kill them any more that season. So, he spent the rest of the time “acquiring knowledge.”

Of course, he didn’t want to remain passive while in the tree stand, so he tried some “aggressive tactics” to further his “knowledge.” He called in bucks with mechanical devices. It was all legal because his intention wasn’t to kill any deer attracted to the calls, but rather to have an “educational experience.” [Brilliant.] And, guess what, he bragged that he had called in more deer than in any other season.

As he was wiling away the time until he could again shoot a buck, he had the idea of going to the local archery shop and taking a proficiency test required to hunt in an Urban Deer Management Unit. He could then buy urban antlerless tags for the rest of the season. [Don’t forget that fewer does leads to bigger bucks, as the males get more of the food.] He brilliantly figured out that he’d have some new locations to hunt and it gave him 3 antlerless tags. Then the deal was that he’d get an urban any-sex tag for the following year. [Game managers know that sport hunters really want to kill bucks.]

Also, in his spare time, while he couldn’t hunt another buck, he created videos of himself and friends hunting, not for the sheer voyeurism of it, but for learning more. He watched the videos over and over to not miss anything. [I’m not making this up.]

Finally, to make lemonade out of lemon, he realized that if a hunter can’t hunt a buck directly, he can always mentor a new hunter. So, far from being stressed out over not being able to kill another buck, he said, “I found that being able to remove the stress of filling a tag will allow you to focus more on learning from each hunt and enjoying the overall experience.”

The author of the article who provided the proof of the stupidity and meanness of hunting is Taylor Maas in IA.



QDMA doesn’t really deny that their plots are baiting, they just imply that it’s a better form of baiting - and best of all, it’s not yet illegal! They argue this way (quotes are in italics):


This time of availability is important as deer have well-defined pecking orders, and subordinate animals may be denied access to food when its availability is limited. Food plots provide equal-opportunity access to all deer in the neighborhood.

Is this not an admission that they are playing with nature’s way? This is truly management to enhance populations by ensuring that females are well fed and fertile.


Do they mean to say there’s no waiting to kill?


I’ll acknowledge bait sites also feed more than deer, but many of the other species such as feral hogs, raccoons and crows are often regarded as nuisances.

This speaks for itself. Plots offer unlimited killing opportunity.


[Get out the violin.] As a deer hunter and steward of our natural resources, we should always strive to leave our natural resources a little better than we found them. In contrast, I’ve never seen a plot of land that was improved by regular baiting.

The purpose of this article is not to chastise hunters who use bait…I’ve hunted over bait sites, and it’s likely I will again at some point in the future. Rather, the purpose of this article is to highlight the beneficial value of food plots and clearly demonstrate that food [bait] plots and bait sites are not equal in the deer world.


While searching for photos for QDMA, C.A.S.H. came across the photo below by “Rack Stacker.” If you visit this site: http://www.rackstacker.ca/ you will see all of the lures and other products that hunters use in their “natural” pursuit of killing wild animals who only have the skin on their backs.

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