C.A.S.H. Campaigns
from C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

Wildlife for the Sake of Wildlife, and Wildlife Watching

Wildlife Watch wholeheartedly supports the preservation and non-consumptive enjoyment of wildlife. The number of people who enjoy observing wildlife in their native habitats is growing steadily, and already dwarfs both the number of hunters and the annual expenditures in hunting activities; see National Shift Pales Hunting Economy.

Unfortunately, the gun lobby and hunting interests are deeply entrenched and are heavily-funded special interest groups with an unbalanced influence on state and federal government and agencies. Our goals include taking back the rights for the majority of Americans to enjoy wildlife without being shot at or harassed by hunters.

See also our parent site, Wildlife Watch.org

Hunter Harassment

Many laws purported to "prevent the harassment of hunters" wind up being used to harass, oppress, and restrict the rights of others. The goal of C.A.S.H.'s Hunter Harassment campaign is to prevent citizens' rights from being violated by sport hunters, and eventually repeal these misguided laws altogether.

One example is this case of first amendment rights violations via the enforcement of harassment law.

Who's Harassing Who? (2004)

Three victims of the hunter harassment laws tell their stories. Watch the videos here.

Bait and Shoot Prevention

"Bait and Shoot" is one of the widespread abuses of wildlife in sport hunting, where animals are lured into the hunters' sites with food and then mercilessly slaughtered. Some bait & shoot programs are even sanctioned or planned by local governments as a "animal management" tool; our goal is to eliminate bait & shoot as a needless and cruel practice.

Laws against Trapping

C.A.S.H. is working to ban or restrict the dangerous practices of trapping, both for the sake of the wildlife that suffer and die in these traps, but also the harm done to humans, pets and "non target" species. Here are some of our articles on the subject: