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ARTICLES from the Winter 2009 Issue

  1. Legal Cruelty - Take Your Pick or Make Something Up
    Coyote killing contests.
  2. Too Young To “Draw The Line”? A News Item To Watch As We Go To Print
    “Youth model” guns, designed for use by children to kill animals.  Case of an 11-year-old who killed pregnant woman with one.
  3. Launch of Pioneering Animal Ethics Book Series
  4. No Safe Refuge From Reckless Hunters
  5. The Ineffectiveness of Coyote Hunting
  6. Hunting For the Disabled
  7. A Letter of Awakening
    Rick Rauschenbach, an animal protector in Ohio, writes to ask that we all join the battle to save hunted wildlife.
  8. Citizens Impacted by Armed Men Killing Animals
  9. Beware of Land Seizure By Game Agents
  10. Teaching Hunting in Schools
  11. Deplorable Harassment for Defender of Geese
  12. Let’s Hope that Lead is Dead But the NSSF Says Lead is Edible and Delicious!
  13. Sonar Unleashed
    U.S. Supreme Court decides in favor of U. S. Navy, against wildlife: High-tech military sonar kills cetaceans, but Court decides training outweighs harm to wildlife and is more important than environmental protection.
  14. C.A.S.H.’S letter writing campaign on a roll
  15. Ask Uncle Joe
  16. Together, We Can Stop Terrorism!
  17. The Cruelty of Hunting and the Brutality of the Game Agencies
  18. Peter's Humor?

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