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ARTICLES from the Fall 2010 Issue

  1. The Geese and Cap’n Sully
    The spurious use of “geese strikes” on airplanes to justify pre-emptive mass murder of geese.
  2. What We've Been Up To
    - Peter Spoke At City Hall To Protest Prospect Park Goose Killing
    - Anne Muller Interviewed
    - Hooray for Humane Canada Goose Control!
    - Joe Works With Students
    - Seeking To Overturn The Hunter Harassment Statutes
    - C.A.S.H. Gets the Word Out!
  3. Wildlife Services Exterminates Over 4.1 Million Animals in 2009
  4. Meet A Wildlife Services’ “Agent”
  5. God’s Dog
  6. From The Brink Of Oblivion And Back Again?
    Wolves wrongly removed from federal Endangered Species list ensures continued move toward extinction.
  7. Sweetie
    Slow, painful death of a beloved local deer due to careless bow hunting.
  8. New Jersey Bear Hunt Is On
  9. No-Hunting Referenda Victories 2010
  10. Hunters And Game Agencies Make Life Hell For Property Owners!
  11. It’s Hunting Season - Stay Alive And Stay Safe!
  12. Will The DNR Please Address The Real Danger?
    Letter from Iowa addresses serious problem of drug and alcohol use by hunters, among other law-breaking, which goes unchecked because of insufficient and incompetent DNR staffing.
  13. Walmart’s Barbaric “Pest Control” Methods
  14. Ask Uncle Joe
  15. Peter's Humor?

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