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Spring 2012 Issue

Selected articles from our Spring 2012 Issue

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  1. Destroying the Wilderness Act of 1964
  2. Joe's Sample Letter about HR 4089
  3. Letter From the President
  4. Joe's Sample Letter about S. 6801
  5. Deer – Why No Live Testing for CWD?
  6. Don't Allow Your Town to Participate in a Bait and Shoot Program
  7. AVA Seeks Land and Wildlife Help
    Action Volunteers for Animals are trying to preserve some land near South Bend, Indiana for wildlife's safe use.
  8. EGO...ECO
  9. The Swans of Michigan
    Swans are being systematically killed in Michigan just because some homeowners don't want them near their lakeside homes, among other spurious reasons. Karen Stamper works to defend them.
  10. New Agribusiness: New York City's Canada Geese!
    Needless killing of hundreds of geese near airports and other places in NYC. How to save them.
  11. Reka’s Life-Saving Bandana
    Reka is a dog who was shot by hunters. Bright-colored bandanna could protect your dog.
  12. Are "Bad" Feral Hogs Red Herrings?
  13. What you can do if you're affected by feral hogs
  14. Unconstitutional Hunter Harassment Law
  15. New Anti-hunting book now available: Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport
  16. Hope...The Precious Few
    Poem by John Cannon
  17. God's Dog - Book Review
  18. Attrention Gun Owners
    How people who own guns but are against hunting can help.
  19. Why Wildlife Management for Hunting Must Go
  20. Oppose Snaring
  21. Ask Uncle Joe
  22. Peter's Humor

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