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VA: 'Iíve cried a river of tears' Ė Body of duck hunter who tried to beat blizzard washes up 2 months later

March 6, 2018


SMITHFIELD, Va. (WAVY) ó Authorities confirmed this week theyíve found the body of a duck hunter who went missing two months ago.

Austin Savage drowned, Capt. Milt Robinson of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation Police confirmed.

Savageís body was found Sunday on a beach along the James river, officials said.

Savage, 20, and 29-year-old Kyle Englehart left Jamestown Yacht Basin about 7 p.m. on Jan. 3 to go fix a duck blind across the James River. They were taking a 16-foot boat across the James River to fix a duck blind. As they left, a blizzard was approaching. They never came back.

EARLIER: ĎI donít know why they would have done this,í says brother of duck hunter missing on icy river

Investigators later found footprints at the duck blind, and the boat was found, overturned, on a nearby island.

Englehartís brother said he didnít know why his brother, an experienced outdoorsman, would have attempted such a dangerous task.

While Savageís body has been found, the search is still on for Englehart.

Itís been two months, but David Englehart, Kyle Englehartís father, isnít slowing down.

ďIíve been here every day,Ē he said.

News that Savage was found on Sunday wasnít easy for Englehart to handle.

ďIím crushed. Iím crushed. I met with his dad last night,Ē he said. ďItís hard to get your head around it. It is. I know itís an ugly nightmare and Iíve cried a river of tears.Ē

Englehart doesnít know what happened to the young men, but is confident his son will be found too.

ďI will find him. Somebodyís going to find him. I might not be the one, but somebody on these shores, or a fisherman, but Iím going to be here every day,Ē he said.

State and local officials will also continue searching on boats and by air until Englehart is found.

According to a release from Robinson, ďThe noríeaster storm from last week may have loosened or agitated underwater matter or materials resulting in the release of the body from the bottom or entrapments. This could also include gas build-up from the decomposing body that makes the body buoyant.Ē

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