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JAPAN: Man accidentally shot by wild monkey hunter in Chiba Prefecture

June 15, 2018


KAMOGAWA, Chiba -- A man died at a hospital after he was accidentally shot in the head in a mountainous area here by a local resident targeting wild monkeys on June 14, police said.

Chiba Prefectural Police arrested Masaru Takahashi, 67, on June 15, on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in death. The suspect has reportedly admitted to the allegations.

According to Kamogawa Police Station, the victim appears to be a 78-year-old local man. Takahashi had a license issued by the prefectural government allowing him to possess a shotgun to cull wild animals.

"I saw some 15 monkeys in the mountains behind my house, and I fired a shot trying to scare them away," Takahashi was quoted as saying. Police are investigating the background to the incident.

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