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BAVARIA GERMANY: Car passenger killed by stray bullet from hunting accident

August 14, 2018


Two men were driving along a German highway when their windscreen suddenly shattered and the passenger slumped over. The case has drawn attention to the dangers of one particular kind of hunting.

A stray bullet from an unidentified hunter killed a car passenger on a national highway in the southern state of Bavaria, German police announced on Tuesday.

Germany has strict hunting regulations and firearms deaths are rare.

Facts of the case

  • While traveling along the B16 in Nittenau, in northern Bavaria, the windshield suddenly shattered and the passenger slumped over in the seat.
  • The driver of the car attempted to help his injured friend, but the 47-year-old died at the scene.
  • An autopsy revealed the passenger was struck and killed by a stray bullet from a hunting rifle.
  • At that time there was a group of hunters nearby on an organized shoot, the local hunting organization confirmed.
  • Police seized their weapons for testing but have not named the culprit. 

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