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TX: Tip leads to arrest of trespassing hunter in Upshur County

November 29, 2018

From Dorothy Sedovic,

A hunter was arrested by Texas Game Wardens after they received a tip and photo of him allegedly carrying game and rifle through someone else’s property.

The Texas Game Wardens arrested Dennis James Kennedy of Ore City after an investigation into a tip they received on Nov. 23 about someone hunting on someone’s property without their consent.

According to the game warden, the tip also included a photo of a person carrying a rife and a deer over his shoulder while trespassing on the morning of Thanksgiving. The Texas Game Wardens stated that tip was shared over 2700 times after it was posted to Facebook.

After a thorough investigation, game wardens executed a search and an arrest warrant at the residence of the suspect, identified as Kennedy. Wardens found a quartered white-tail deer in a cooler inside the home as well as the carcass of the deer buried in the yard and the firearm allegedly used, a lever-action 30-30.

Kennedy was arrested at the scene and transported to jail.

Kennedy was originally sought on a hunt without landowner consent charge. After he was found, it was discovered that Kennedy was a convicted felon and he was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

According to the game wardens, the deer was donated and Kennedy’s charges are pending.

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