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MI: New Hudson hunter out baiting for deer ticketed for trespassing on private property

December 3, 2018

From Leanne Roers,

A New Hudson man was ticketed for trespassing Nov. 9 after Milford Police saw him walking on posted private property where he had been hunting.

The man, who was with his teenage son, told police he used the property to hunt and was aware that it was private property. He told police he was there to put out bait and had a bag of corn in his truck.

The officers noted multiple “no trespassing” and “private property” signs posted on the fenced property at S. Milford Road and Centennial Drive.

To access the property, the officers also noted the man had to step over a matted down section of fence which still had a visible “no trespassing” sign.

Asked if he had personal belongings on the private property, the man told police he had deer stands. Police allowed him to collect the stands.

The man was ticketed and released. The officers contacted the property owner and the local Department of Natural Resources conservation officer to notify them of the trespassing.

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