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CANADA: Provincial patrols lead to night hunting charges

January 15, 2019


A pair of recent incidents have led to charges for a few hunters.

Manitoba Sustainable Development reports that recent night patrols, including aerial surveillance, have resulted in several night hunting related charges.

Officers patrolling near Ashern on Dec. 10, 2018, say they witnessed a vehicle driving down a municipal road, using a spotlight to light up areas just off the road. Officers watched as the occupants used the spotlight for more than a mile, before they stopped the vehicle. Two men from Lake Manitoba First Nation face a number of charges including hunting at night with lights, hunting on private land without permission and carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. A 2017 Ford F-150 pickup truck, loaded rifle and spotlight were seized as evidence.

Later that evening, in the Western region, officers say aerial surveillance observed spotlighting activity along PR 366, northeast of Inglis. Officers located two men. One man from Alberta has been charged with hunting at night with lights and carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, and the other from the RM of Riding Mountain West has been charged with hunting at night with lights. A 2011 Chevrolet 3500 pickup truck, loaded rifle, other hunting equipment and a spotlight were seized as evidence.

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