Photos to Remind Us of Our Own Basic Humanity
From Coffey Break for Healthy Alternatives

FROM Various Sources

December 21, 2015

water for koala
Pure, clean water is the common denominator that sustains all living things

dog stays by grave
"Until death do us part..."

soldier funeral
"Geater love hath no one than s/he who lays down his/her life so othersmight live..."

mother's love
A Mother's love is without bounds

same basic human needs
Regardless of the culture or color of the skin, we all have the same basic needs...

keeping animals safe
They depend on "us" to keep them safe

greed starts young
Pursuit of the almighty dollar starts young

animal companionship
Our animal companions provide us with unquestioning and unqualified love and companionship

helping each other
Our most dismissed, discarded and ignored age groups: youth and the elderly are ideally our most guarded treasures. Pair and protect them and their combined love, learning and wisdom will enrich the world and save us from self destruction

appreciating music
The universal joy, communication and appreciation of music can be the key to world peace

power of music
Let there be beauty and peace through the appreciation of music

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