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The Sad State of Health and Healthcare in America

Americans are spending more and more money to fight disease, and the medical profession is developing more and more new drugs and treatments for these diseases. But anyone who looks at the statistics can see the diseases on which we are spending the most money are the ones that are getting worse instead of better. The following quotes and medical statistics show the "war on cancer," the fight against heart disease, treatments for asthma and diabetes, and other medical practices, are doing more to profit the medical profession than to cure disease.

Heart Disease

Robert A. Dahlquist, writes: "The yearly death rate of 923,000 due to heart disease is a national scandal because heart disease is now preventable ... no person who had a cholesterol reading below 150 has ever suffered a heart attack ... The first action by Congress to mitigate this disaster is to establish truthful guidelines regarding safe total cholesterol levels ... Congress must surmount pressures from special interests and take the offensive against foods containing saturated or hydrogenated fat which are so dangerous to our health ..."

Here at Hallelujah Acres we have had hundreds of people who were experiencing cardiovascular problems who adopted the Genesis 1:29 diet and most report they were off medication with blood pressure normal within less than three months after making the diet change.


In the Jan. 15, 1996 issue of Spotlight, Dr. C. Samuel West, DN., ND, P.M.D. writes: "Cancer is now the Number 1 killer of children and the death rate for adults has been doubling almost every four years so that by the year 2000, 9.8 out of 10 will have cancer before they die. In the United States alone over 4,000 men, women and children are being killed with cancer or heart disease EVERY DAY! That is 120,000 people a month... Why? Because disease is BIG BUSINESS! When people learn how to stop cancer and all other diseases, the need for most medicines, drugs and operations will become obsolete."

In a Special Report in the Feb. 5, 1996 issue of US News and World Reports titled The War On Cancer, we read: "Imagine declaring war when you know little about your enemy's firepower, strategies or tactics. That's what happened on Jan. 22, 1971, when President Richard Nixon proclaimed war on cancer in his State of the Union address. Many anticipated swift victory, with the taming of the dread disease likened to a moon landing. Even as recently as 1984, the National Cancer Institute's director predicted that cancer deaths could be halved by the year 2000 in America. In the quarter century since Nixon launched the battle against cancer, the NCI has invested $29 billion in what some critics have called 'medical Vietnam.' This year, 555,000 Americans are expected to die of cancer -- 215,000 more than in 1971. As for the former NCI director's prediction, current trends suggest that cancer might overtake heart disease as the nation's No. 1 killer by the year 2000..." The magazine article includes a chart showing the increase of cancer deaths for men and women, part of which shows the following:

Here at Hallelujah Acres we have never known anyone to develop cancer after they had adopted the Genesis 1:29 diet. Yet there are hundreds who have told us that after they stopped consuming the World's Diet and started eating God's Way their cancers and tumors went away.


"Despite increasingly aggressive therapies, asthma sufferers are more likely to die from the disease than ever before. In the last decade alone, the number of reported asthma cases has soared by 42 percent, and the mortality rate for people under 35 has risen an alarming 40 percent. But scientists are trying to counter increases in the incidence and severity of asthma on a variety of fronts: new medications (drugs), early diagnostic strategies (doctors), the pursuit of allergy and asthma genes..." Mary Garner Ganske writes in Longevity Magazine.

Here at Hallelujah Acres we have many testimonies from asthma sufferers who simply adopted the Genesis 1:29 diet and got well. Some said they were using as many as six different inhalers a day and after their dietary change all problems are relieved without medication.


Approximately 8 percent of all deaths in America are attributed to diabetes, making it the third-leading killer, behind heart disease and cancer. An estimated 10 million Americans have diabetes, and studies indicate an additional 5 million adults have undetected type II diabetes. Another 20 million have impaired glucose tolerance that may lead to full-blown diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, they are told that their condition will usually worsen as they grow older, and that a lifetime dependence on insulin or some other drug will be necessary. Even with frequent and costly medical treatment, many diabetics suffer loss of limbs, early deaths and eye problems that can lead to blindness.

Sadly, the medical community ignores the cause of diabetes. Here at Hallelujah Acres we find the cause of almost all adult-onset diabetes is improper diet. High-fat animal products are the primary culprit, along with processed sugar, which interferes with the body's blood-sugar level. We have testimonies from dozens of people who tell us that after eliminating meat, dairy, sugar, salt and white flour from their diets and switching to the diet God intended for us, their diabetes usually went away within six months, and that they no longer needed insulin. We have even had testimonies of juvenile diabetics, some who have been on insulin for decades, who reduced insulin by 75 percent within six months of changing from the world's diet to God's Diet.

Medical Procedures in General

The Summer 1995 edition of Health & Wellness Today, published by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., states:

Under the heading "THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN MODERN MEDICINE," Dr. Whitaker writes: "There is a better way! It just doesn't make any sense to turn your life over to doctors, druggists, hospitals, insurance companies!... Your body is a truly magnificent machine. If you feed it right, exercise, and give it half a chance, it will demonstrate miraculous abilities to heal itself."

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