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Spring Time Allergies and Diet:
Reprinted from Healthy Alternatives Newsletter
By: Gerry Coffey

Are you one of the many who view Springtime with mixed feelings because you’re plagued with allergies? Sheila Lamon, who introduced me to Natural Hygiene back in 1984, knows the subject intimately. It was her son, Dave’s, allergies, in fact that led Sheila to N.H. as a last act of desperation to save him from surgery and possible death due to reaction to the anesthetic.

By the age of 10, Dave had missed a tremendous amount of school and activities because he was constantly ill with allergies and asthma. "Every few days we were at the doctor’s. Dave wouldn’t get over one thing before he’d come down with something else, " recalls Sheila. "The doctor called it secondary infection and finally his pediatrician said the cadilac of antibiotics was not helping him anymore and that he did not want to see Dave again. That’s when the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor wanted to do surgery.

"He had a 102 degrees fever and was deaf from the swelling in his head. I was crying because I felt the anesthetic would kill him because he was allergic to everything. I told the doctor there was one more bizarre thing I had not tried yet, and took Dave home to try it."

The bizarre thing? Putting him to bed without medication or aspirin and fasting him, as recommended by her mentor who had studied under the father of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Herbert Shelton. (Note: See following article on treating fevers). "Within 24 hours, Dave’s hearing had returned, his energy had returned, and he was asking to go to school.," Sheila said, though admitting she was still skeptical. "I kept his medicines up in the cabinet for 2 years, thinking this might not be the key. At the end of that time I threw them all away and never looked back.

Sheila and the rest of the family reaped benefits as well. Although she had a degree in Health and Physical Education, Sheila’s migraine headaches, arthritis and other health problems had become so severe she feared she’d not be able to work again. After going on the program to keep her son company, however, she realized they had all cleared up. She returned to school, to obtain a Master’s Degree, and is presently a counselor at Decatur High School in Decatur, Alabama and working on her Ph.D. Sheila’s mother, Ramelle Patterson, whose history of health problems and surgeries had her bedridden for a number of years, is now off all medications and is completely independent. And although her father has not given up animal products completely, he does fast when he’s sick, said Sheila, and does go on fruit periodically, so that’s progress. Sheila is currently researching the connection between diet and behavior as documented by Dr. Barbara Reed’s landmark study/book called TEENS, FOOD & BEHAVIOR. A former parole officer, after learning to control her own health problems with diet, Dr. Reed was able to transform the lives of many delinquent teens and adult criminals simply by changing their diets.
–Gerry Coffey

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