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BarleyMax is a barley juice product, which is grown from specially selected seeds on fields that are certified organic in a pristine area of the USA where the soil is high in minerals and the air is pure. The water used to irrigate the crops is pumped from deep within the earth bringing with it large amount of minerals.

Great care is taken during the harvest to ensure the plants are harvested at the optimum stage of their growth cycle providing the highest nutrient levels possible. After the plants are harvested they are juiced to remove all fiber and then dehydrated using a special proprietary process that extracts the juice while ensuring the highest levels of enzymes are preserved. Because of this unique processing, Maltodextrin is not required.

Hallelujah Acres is proud to offer what we feel is the finest quality, dehydrated barley juice product on the market today. We've blended alfalfa juice with the barley juice to optimize the nutritional values and achieve the highest macro and trace mineral content possible. Dr. Donaldson of the Hallelujah Acres Foundation has performed extensive research and testing to ensure that the levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in BarleyMax are among the highest in the industry.


There are many reasons why we decided to produce BarleyMax but here are just a few: Enzyme levels are higher - There is overall superior preservation of the plant's life force through the processing of BarleyMax. Balanced and richer amounts of macro minerals and trace minerals. Higher mineral content gives more cofactors for higher enzyme activity and building blocks for the living cells, tissues and organs of the body.

Vitamin Content - Our tests and research indicate higher vitamin content in BarleyMax. This may be due to growing conditions, but also to lower heat and oxygen exposure during processing.

Antioxidant Capacity - Green drink powders are a rich source of antioxidants. In a measure of total antioxidant capacity, this product is the leading green drink juice powder. Levels of beta-carotene are highly dependent on storage time and light exposure.

Looks Fresh - BarleyMax is green. When mixed BarleyMax has a deep, rich green color. Even if it sits on the counter for a while, it does not separate. This indicates true solubility. It mixes easily and stays mixed.

No Maltodextrin - Though we have believed for years that maltodextrin preserves the sensitive nutrients from damage, our recent laboratory tests indicate that this product, over a year old, without maltodextrin, still has most of the enzymatic activity remaining. This is also good news for those who believe they are sensitive to Maltodextrin.

No Brown Rice and Kelp - BarleyMax is a pure juice product whose mineral and micro mineral values are as good if not better without the use of these additional ingredients. No MLM - What more can you say? This is just a straight purchase. You get what you pay for. You will actually get a better product, more servings, and a lower price. It's simply a great deal.

Tastes Fresh - BarleyMax tastes fresh. The flavor is full of vitality and has an aroma of freshly squeezed juice. If you put BarleyMax juice, beside the freshly squeezed juice, you will have a difficult time telling the juices apart.

Suggested Serving: One rounded teaspoon two to three times each day. Mixed with water. Dissolves best if shaken.

BarleyMax Nutritional Content Trace Minerals:

BarleyMax contains 100% organically grown barley juice concentrate and a small amount of enzyme-rich and nutrient-dense alfalfa. Alfalfa plants have roots that reach deep into the earth, drawing out precious trace minerals that are not found in other grasses. Enzymes are the life force of raw foods.

Dr. Edward Howell, biochemist and nutrition researcher shows us how important food enzymes from raw foods are in maintaining optimal health and conserving the body's enzyme potential for vital functions.

As we age our body's ability to produce enzymes weakens resulting in poor digestion and elimination leading to acute health issues and chronic illness. We can conserve our enzyme potential by utilizing raw foods rich in enzymes. (Testing done by Dr. Michael Donaldson at the Hallelujah Acres Foundation.)

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