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Healthy Alternatives for Caffeine and Sugar Addicts
By: Gerry Coffey

Our program on "Kick-the-Coffee Habit With Fresh Juice Boosters" and "Desserts for Diabetics (and other health-conscious individuals)" inspired Dan & Sandra Fulenwider to join others who learned that caffeine consumption—through coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate (not to mention the caffeine hidden in pre-packaged products), is linked to: anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, upset stomach, headaches, diarrhea, dehydration, insomnia, breast and prostate cancers, etc.

Some, like Ray Coffey, exhibit no symptoms and think they are immune. Ray once consumed up to 3 pots a day with no (apparent) side affects. But the effects are cumulative, he learned .

"I didn’t know until I tried to give it up how addicted I really was," Ray explains.

This from the guy who, after absorbing the evidence regarding the consequences of consuming the Standard American Diet, went "Cold Turkey." Over night he relinquished his love of eating meat, fish, chicken, alcohol, eggs and dairy. (Cigarettes took a bit longer, but they were eventually banished, too, along with refined sugars and oils).

"But coffee was something else," Ray recalls. "I climbed the walls for about 3 weeks. And I knew anything that causes withdrawal like that had to be doing a lot of damage."

Now Ray’s morning high comes from delicious, fresh juice. A natural boost with no side effects and unlike caffeine, doesn’t rob the body of valuable vitamins and minerals.

In our JUICING WORKSHOPS and LEARN-TO-LIVE Retreats (Practical Application of how to change lifestyle habits) we demonstrate efficient ways to juice to make the task less tedious, and explain the virtues of different type juicers. Attendees are pleasantly surprised with a flavorful "Bone-Builder" cocktail: fresh broccoli juice, one of the highest sources of calcium. Ideal for preventing and/or alleviating osteoporosis in men (Yes, they have it too!) and women. It also builds strong bones in children, and de-acidifies a toxic body while calming the nerves.

For the rare few’ whose systems are too alkaline, or to put a bit more zip in the flavor, fresh lemon juice is added. Both are usually quite well received. My favorite, Romaine (Lettuce) and Carrot Juice, is a deceptively delicious, nutrient-loaded combination—which some say tastes similar to chocolate milk. (You be the judge!). Carrot Juice, however, is most people’s all-around favorite, and also the best choice for coffee drinkers. Fresh carrots (even better when eaten raw) are a storehouse for valuable carcinogen-fighting nutrients, especially vitamin C and Vitamin A. Note: fresh orange juice is also great, but coffee drinkers usually have VERY ACID systems so best stay away from this. Also, the alkalinity of carrots and/or greens is a real boon to their health.

DESSERTS FOR DIABETICS and other health-conscious folks (containing no refined sugar, salt, oil and dairy) are made with the aid of a Champion Juicer and a blender. People come back for 2nds and 3rds of banana, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple

and mango DREAM CREAM topped with freshly- made pecan and peanut butters and fruit sauces, all made on the spot with the Champion Juicer. With all the HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES available, there’s no reason to feel deprived. No one ever has to leave hungry or unsatisfied. ( : - )

Bottom line: 

If caffeine is your vice:

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