Property custodian/caretaker(s) in exchange for free land rent
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Property custodian/caretaker(s) in exchange for free land rent

Looking for a mature, responsible, healthy, RETIRED COUPLE with their own income (preferably health-oriented-vegans) who would like to exchange caretaker/property/custodian duties for free land rent and an organic garden plot in a beautiful outdoor environment.

Arial View

The Coffey Grounds is the site of an old quarry with clear, pristine waters up to 50 to 70 feet, depending on weather conditions. The crystal clear lake is bordered by majestic cliffs and rock formations on 3 sides and surrounded by approximately 60 acres of emerald-green forests.


Scuba divers have used it for training and certification over the years.

But now we wish to share it with others who value the exposure to the Great Outdoors as a necessity to be in balance with the beautiful earth that nurtures all living things along with the sunshine, fresh air and life-affirming-bounties of Nature.

To  help us protect and care for The Coffey Grounds we seek Caretakers who value the same ideals and ideology as we.

It is a few miles from a city of about 50,000 in Northern Alabama off I-65. You can view more pictures here -Coffey Grounds Pictorial.

For more information contact:

Gerry Coffey, Proprietor
The Coffey Grounds
[email protected]

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