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Raising Healthy Children - God's Way
by Rev. George H. Malkmus

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth..." (Genesis 1:1) But it wasn't until the last day of creation, the sixth day, that God created man and placed him into a garden setting.

If we want to learn how to raise healthy children, we must go back to the beginning -- Back to the Garden -- where life began! We must go back to the beginning to see how the Creator designed us and what instructions He gave us.

In Genesis 2:18, after God had created Adam, He said "... It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet (wife) ..." In the following verses the Bible tells how God created Eve. And finally we read "... God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply . . ." (Genesis 1:28)

Obviously, God did not want His beautiful and unique creation to become stagnant, and so He told that first couple, Adam and Eve, to 'multiply' (have children). I find it so exciting to see that all of the living things God created in the beginning were given the unique ability to reproduce themselves, whether it be by the seed of the plant or by the seed (sperm & egg) of the animal. And all plant and animal life has continued from that original creation to this present day in a similar manner -- each species reproducing through its own unique seed to create a new life.

As Rhonda and I travel around the country holding seminars on diet and lifestyle, two questions we are frequently asked are: "How can I raise healthy children?" and "What should I feed my children?" These questions are of monumental importance, because in the answer to these questions hinges not only whether a child will be healthy or sick, but ultimately the health and even survival of the human race.

Thus, what is proper nourishment for children becomes of monumental importance. However, we find there are two different teachings in this area -- God's way and the world's way. This becomes very confusing to most parents because we have been totally brainwashed by the world's teaching, while there has been practically no teaching on this subject within the church from a Biblical perspective. As I have said so many times before, the church for 2,000 years has only ministered to the soul and spirit of man to the almost total exclusion of teachings on how to nourish and maintain the beautiful body/temple God has given us. Because the church has been silent on this subject, the Christian community has accepted the world's teachings and as a consequence, suffered the same physical problems the rest of the world suffers. There is no difference in the physical well-being of the Christian Community and that of the rest of the world!

Sickness is of the world -- not of God! When we eat the world's diet and live the world's way, we suffer the world's ills! But when we eat and live God's way, we will be free of the world's ills!

When my first child was born, the world was teaching that children were not receiving sufficient nutrients in mother's breast milk, and so our doctor told us to use a formula. Because of ignorance, the doctor's advice was accepted and this first child was raised on an artificial, chemical formula. By the time the second child came along, the world's teaching had changed and mother's breast milk was recommended. Then we were told to give the child baby cereal when only a few weeks old so that the child would sleep through the night. We could go on and show many different teachings the world has to offer. For instance, a mother is told that to make sure her child has proper nourishment she should take synthetic vitamins during pregnancy and while nursing and later to give the child a vitamin supplement and that vaccinations are necessary to prevent disease problems later on. These are the teachings of the world, and are not how God planned it to be.

My friend, what has been the results of parents feeding their children the world's diet and raising children the world's way? First, we find more and more married couples are having greater difficulty conceiving and carrying a child full term. Cesarean section births are being performed more frequently. Deformed and mentally handicapped children are being born in ever increasing numbers. Then there are all the childhood problems, from colic and ear and throat infections to swollen glands and upset stomachs. Then as they grow older there are the upset stomachs, infections and need for eye glasses and overweight problems and ...!

Is this what God intended? Did God make a mistake when He created man? Or has man made a horrendous mistake in listening to the world rather than listening to God when it comes to raising healthy children?

With regard to this subject, I believe one of the most revealing experiments ever conducted was one that was published in 1946 in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Oral Surgery. In this experiment, Dr. Pottenger fed 900 cats the same food for 10 years. The only difference being that one group of cats received their food raw while the other group received their food cooked.

The results were dramatic! The cats that were fed the raw, living food produced healthy kittens year after year with no ill health or premature deaths. But the cats fed the same food, only cooked, developed heart disease, cancer, kidney and thyroid disease, pneumonia, paralysis, loss of teeth, arthritis, birthing difficulties, diminished sexual interest, diarrhea, irritability, liver problems and osteoporosis (the same diseases common in our human cooked-food culture). The first generation of kittens from cats fed exclusively cooked food were sick and abnormal, the second generation were often born diseased or dead, and by the third generation, the mothers were sterile.

One of the most profound things I have learned in these past 20 years of studying about the body God has given each one of us is that we literally become what we eat. For instance, a cow gives birth to a 100-pound calf that is made of flesh and blood and bone with a heart and liver and kidneys, etc. covered with hide and hair. What did the cow eat to produce all of these body parts - GRASS! Everything that calf is made of came from the nutrients found in the grass. Then after the calf is born, the mother cow eats grass and drinks water from which the mother cow produces milk that nourishes that calf until weaning time when the calf has matured enough to eat grass itself to obtain nourishment necessary to grow to a mature weight of about a ton. This is how God ordained it and this is how the entire animal kingdom, except for man, has been nourished since creation. All animals consume their food RAW, even the flesh-eating animals. When man cooks food, the heat destroys almost all nutrients or changes them to a form the body cannot utilize.

Now, let's examine the diet of the average child being raised in America today, and remember, that we literally become what we eat. First, there is the glucose (sugar water) often given the child in the hospital shortly after birth. Then there is hopefully mother's milk -- but remember, mother's milk is made from the food and other substances the mother consumes (meat, sugar deserts, and other cooked foods along with coffee, sodas, drugs, etc.). Other children are placed on store-bought formula that contains chemical substances with words you cannot even pronounce. Pasteurized (cooked) and homogenized cow milk is accepted as proper nourishment for a human baby or child or nursing mother. Then there are baby cereals that come in boxes along with their chemical vitamins and cooked and manufactured baby foods that comes in small jars. And of course the vitamin supplements and canned or bottled fruit juices. Then as these children grow older, they are placed on the Standard American Diet. We often refer to this diet as the S.A.D. American Diet.

What have been the results of raising our children in this manner -- according to the world's teachings? Colic is common, as are ear and throat infections, along with swollen glands and tonsils. Then there are diaper rashes, fevers, stomach aches and spitting up. In our modern society, we accept all of these physical problems as NORMAL! Is this how God intended it to be? Or is this the result of ignorance and the acceptance of the world's way? The Scriptures say: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

Here at Hallelujah Acres, we have been teaching that we get sick when we violate God's Natural Laws. When we eat the way God intended, we not only get well, but stay well. Thousands upon thousands of people around the world have adopted the Hallelujah Diet and daily, testimonies pour in telling how adopting this diet has caused all sorts of physical problems to disappear. Many have reported how simply changing their diet and lifestyle literally has saved their life. Just as proper diet and lifestyle will eliminate sickness and maintain wellness for adults, it will do the same for babies and children.

Dr. Dennis Gordon and his wife Gracie of Pennsylvania, adopted the Hallelujah Diet while Gracie was pregnant with her second child. Recently I held a seminar in Lancaster, and this couple attended the meeting and shared a beautiful testimony of how childbirth and raising a baby is meant to be: The baby was born at home with natural childbirth, and is being breast-fed by a healthy mother eating a healthy diet. With all this going for it, the baby -- who recently turned six months old -- has never experienced any sickness. No colic, no earaches, not even a runny nose or diaper rash. (Click here to read the letter and testimony of Dr. and Mrs. Gordon.)

Now compare that pregnancy, birth and first six months of baby life with the typical child whose mother goes through pregnancy and child-rearing by the world's way.

So how do we raise healthy children?

1.A healthy child begins before conception, because in order for the child to be healthy, the parents who produce that child must be healthy. The healthier the parents are at conception, the stronger the genetic foundation the child will have. This would require that both parents adopt the Hallelujah Diet or one very similar to it for as long as possible before conception - preferably a minimum of six months. It is extremely important that the father prepare his body for conception as much as the mother because a healthy sperm is necessary to produce healthy offspring. The total elimination of all animal products (flesh & dairy), sugar, salt, white flour products, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine is extremely important, as is a daily aerobic exercise program for both parents to be. 2.Once conception has taken place, it is imperative that the mother (and hopefully the husband will support and encourage her by doing the same) remain on the Hallelujah or similar diet. Remember, that little one is being built from the nutrients the mother is consuming. Thus the higher quality the nutrients, the stronger and healthier the baby. The mother not only becomes what she eats -- but the unborn child also becomes what the mother eats. Exercise is also extremely important during this time, although it may be necessary to moderate the vigor of the exercises as the child comes closer to term. Rest is also important and the expectant mother should not push herself to exhaustion.

Within 15 days after conception, the heart is forming and eyes developing. At about the 20-day mark, the foundations of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system have been laid and by day 24 the heart starts to beat. By day 28, arms and legs are budding, the brain has human proportions and blood is flowing in the veins. By day 42 the skeleton has been formed and by 8 weeks the child is a small-scaled baby with every organ present. The heart is beating steadily and taste buds are forming. And so it continues until about 9 months when the birth occurs. This child is literally being grown from the nutrients it is receiving from the mother. 3.We recommend that the birth be as natural as possible and without drugs. Many of our friends have had their children at home with a midwife and have had very positive experiences. A home birth provides an ideal setting for the out-of-the-womb bonding to begin between the parents and child. But the home birth option should only be considered by women who are in excellent health. And regardless of where the birth occurs, the father should be there with the mother during delivery. 4.The requirements of the newborn child are very basic - mother's milk and love. That should be the primary nourishment of the child for the first 18 to 24 months of life. Mother's milk (if mother is nourishing her body properly) provides everything the child needs to grow and be healthy and strong. Mother's milk contains all of the carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, amino acids, hormones, immune system factors, etc. that the child needs. Mother's milk is the perfect food for infants. This is how God designed babies to be nourished. Trying to nourish children in any other way is contrary to God's plan and design and will produce problems.

If a mother cannot nurse, the only acceptable substitute we have found is raw goat's milk. (Pasteurizing destroys almost all nutrients.) The chemical composition of raw goat's milk is very similar to human breast milk and many children have been successfully raised on it. It will keep approximately 4 days in a refrigerator. Formulas that contain rice or soy products are not recommended as they are extremely difficult to digest and can produce allergies and other problems. If mother cannot nurse and goat's milk is not available, then homemade, raw almond milk combined with green drink (raw, freshly juiced vegetable greens or Barley Green) or diluted carrot juice might be used. Be sure they are well strained. (Cow's milk or formula should never be given to a human baby or child! Click here to read an article on the dangers of cow's milk.) 5.As the teeth start to appear, some ripe, raw fruit -- a little mashed banana, avocado or such -- can be added to the child's diet. With a Champion Juicer (using the solid "blank" plate instead of the screen), most raw fruits can be made into a wonderful puree for the child. Ease into the fruits gradually over a period of months, working the fruit portion up to as much as 40% of the child's diet. Purchase organic fruits as much as possible. Never use jarred baby foods as they have been cooked, and thus their nutrients have been almost totally destroyed. 6.By the time all of the child's teeth are in, milk is no longer needed and the child should be slowly weaned. The child is now ready for a more diverse diet and so as the weaning progresses, new foods are slowly added, in small amounts at first. Raw vegetables can be pureed initially in a Champion Juicer and then made in a blender for more coarseness as the child starts to chew and then finally eat the whole raw food. Some cooked squash or sweet potatoes or vegetables can be added along with a little millet or brown rice. The cooked portion should never exceed 25% of the child's diet!

All foods that are addictive or harmful should be avoided. These addictive and harmful substances would include anything that comes from an animal source (meat, milk, eggs, etc.); refined sugars, salt, wheat products, heated oils, peanuts, cashews or any manufactured product containing the above. We receive so many positive testimonies from mothers who have used Barley Green as a part of the child's daily nourishment, starting shortly after birth with very small amounts and then gradually increasing the amount as the child grows. Barley Green ensures the child is receiving a concentrated source of almost all nutrients needed. Vitamin supplements do not provide these nutrients in a natural form and can actually be harmful. 7.Once the child has reached school age, he or she should be on the same nutritional program as the parents -- the Hallelujah or similar diet. In school, the child will no doubt be exposed to the world's diet. We strongly recommend that parents take the time to pack a healthy lunch for their children. Explain that some foods are beneficial and that some foods are harmful. This education process requires great wisdom on the part of the parent. The primary requisites for dealing with this situation are patience, gentleness, understanding, loving support and the example being set by the parents. Do not expect the child to eat in this manner if the parents are not setting the example. Children learn by example more than anything else.

Hopefully, the child has been taught the proper way to eat by educational teaching and example since the child's first remembrance. If the child eats some of the world's foods, he or she will not feel well and this can be used as an excellent educational tool. We have had reports of children on a good diet actually having a positive influence on other children.

For parents who have recently gone on the Hallelujah Diet, and who have children already heavily into the world's diet, there are things you can do to help them. The very worst thing a parent can do is force the child onto this better diet. This will usually only produces rebellion. So what can a parent do?

a.Set the example! It must be consistent and without complaint! This will usually produce questions from the child, thus offering an opportunity for parents to share their recently gained knowledge. In fact, if this new way of eating is not forced on the child, it will often produce curiosity and the child will want to try what mom and dad are eating. b.Slowly start removing the most harmful substances from their diet. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits and less animal products. Substitute honey for sugar and whole grain products for white flour products. c.Start adding more of the better foods. Salads, slaws, raw fruits, raw and steamed vegetables, baked squash, sweet potatoes and baked potatoes. Slowly remove desserts if they have been a regular part of your meals. d.Try to provide educational material on their level. Show a video, let them listen to an audio tape, take them to a live seminar, offer them a book to read on the subject. e.If there are others in your community on the Hallelujah Diet, go for a meal in their home or invite them to your house so the child might realize that your family is not unique or strange. f.At church fellowships and socials, be sure that there is always a large green salad and bowls of fruit so that there is not a need to eat the wrong foods in order to satisfy hunger.

If we will practice and teach proper nutrition in our homes and raise our children on healthy foods and lifestyles, we can have a tremendous impact on future generations. And when you add the Lord to this formula, we can have an influence that could change the world.

Remember -- In the Garden, there were no doctors, nutritionists, hospitals, formulas, containerized cow's milk, jarred baby foods or synthetic vitamins. Man just did that which came naturally -- eating and experiencing life as God intended. Can you imagine an animal in the wild needing all of the things we humans think we need in order to eat properly or have healthy offspring. No more should humans! As we work with nature and return more and more to the way God intended, the healthier will be our people and the more the world will look to the Christian Community to see why we are so successful and free of the physical problems they are experiencing.

The church must not only set a spiritual example before the world, but also the physical example. For too long the church has accepted the teachings of the world concerning the physical. As a result, the church has suffered the same ills as the world. It is high time for the church to turn its back on the world's ways and return to God's ways. As we do, the church will become well, the children being born to these healthy Christian parents will be superior and the Christian community will become the example God intended all along. I personally believe that the greatest opportunity for evangelism in the world today is the example of a healthy, vibrant church and healthy children that will cause the world to seek out the church to find out what makes us healthy. Then we can not only give them the health message but the Gospel message as well!

Words of wisdom to consider:

"It is better to build strong children than try to repair adults."

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it." -- Proverbs 22:6

"Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward." (Psalm 127:3)

Note: Dr. Malkmus' books and tapes are available through Health Ministers Gerry and Ray Coffey at [email protected]  or call: 256/350-2823.

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