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"Every child is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them."   
--Buckminster Fuller

Fred Burrous, who was introduced to me by our mutual friend, John McConnell, the Founder of Earth Day, once initiated a program called YOUNG EARTH TRUSTEES. The goal of Y.E.T. was to instill in our youth at the youngest age possible the desire to do something daily to nurture neighbor and nature in their little corners of the world. 

We became acquainted when the Founder of Earth Day was a guest on my former radio program, �Coffey Break w/Gerry.� On learning Mr. McConnell was searching for a community, city or State to become a role model for environmental excellence, I invited Mr. McConnell to visit Alabama for a week that included:

n      Meeting with the Press

n      Speaking at schools, colleges, universities, civic clubs, libraries and churches

n      An �Alabama Town Meeting� attended by Corporate representatives, teachers, students, & environmentalists.

 Mr. McConnell�s visit resulted in several significant events:

1.      Mayor Bill Dukes issued a proclamation naming Decatur the WORLD�S FIRST EARTH TRUSTEE CITY.

2.      Channel 31, WAAY-TV, Huntsville, became an EARTH TRUSTEE TV STATION

3.      Huntsville became an EARTH TRUSTEE CITY, and

4.      Governor Fob James proclaimed Alabama to be an EARTH TRUSTEE STATE.

Other successful projects included a pictorial exhibition at the United Nations Earth Day Celebration in New York featuring Alabama�s First Lady and area children who participated in one of our programs to celebrate the connection between food choices, health and the environment.

Over the years Fred and John have been slowed by age and I despaired at my own helplessness as I read more and more headlines about the bleak state of our populace, and worse, our youth, in whose hands the world's future lies. Taking a cue from these mentors, I decided rather than �curse the darkness,� I could "light a candle..." And now I'm looking for "matches" to enhance Fred's plan for youth by establishing a MULTI-CULTURAL-YOUTH- LEADERSHIP-INSTITUTE.

Habits learned early remain throughout a lifetime. If the world's young learn good lessons well, the world will "right" itself.  First on this agenda is to design a curricula and attract superior instructors (Retired outstanding executives who would like to �GIVE BACK!� by teaching at an institute whose primary purpose is to build an international bank of youth leaders well versed in all aspects of health:









Our goal is to nurture and instill in them the desire to transfer this concept to others who will go forth and multiply.  By incorporating fitness and a health- promoting diet built around nature�s bounty�which everyone will learn how to sustain--all of life's other aspects that promote health and well being will fall into place.  We all have a vested interest in our children (I, more than most, with 10 grandchildren;-) as they are the world�s future.  Most of us sit back thinking we are helpless in the face of corporate greed, and, in believing so it becomes so. We must stop thinking irrationally and TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE!  If you are unable to participate, will you direct me to competent people in the above listed areas (retired executives who would like to share their talent, knowledge and wisdom?) to help train an altruistic staff to teach youths in a positive and health-enhancing environment?  My Personal Funds are very limited, however I am able to provide at least 10 to possibly 20 acres of conveniently located land.

(Arial View)  Once a viable curricula with costs is devised, surely there will be grants and other potential avenues for assistance. We want to insure no-one ever again die young�or grow old-- wasted and unfulfilled because of the miserable world they inherited. Humans were meant to be healthy, fit, productive and happy. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Time is precious. Please advise. And remember: �Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when t here seemed to be no help at all."   --Dale Carnegie

Sincerely, Gerry Coffey
Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Health Educator, Concerned Citizen

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