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Way to go GM,

Sometimes getting arrested is the best thing you can do. Be proud of it. Walk away from any guilt or shame. It only exists in the part of the brain trained with childhood values drummed in by others.

Gerry's Reply

Thanks, David

And you're right about instilled "childhood values." There were a number of anxious moments, especially when my good friend, 79 year-old Jean Tune, who kept saying: "Gerry, it's not too late to back down...are you sure you want to do this...I'll support you in whatever you want to do, but are you sure you want to do this???"

After it was all over, my husband, Ray, whom she ADORES, had me call her and say: "Ray says he'll take you out to dinner if you promise not to get belligerent again and end up getting arrested."

His humor lifted a lot of her pressure, and now compares herself to the Granny who walked across the U.S. and then got arrested for loitering when she was reading the Bill of Rights at the Capitol.

However, almost everyone knows that when you leaflet, you have the right to stand on a sidewalk or other public land, but not to stand on private property without permission, or to block the driveway access.

I confess I know little about such things. In the past I've been on the "other side," reporting on people who break the law for one reason or another. We were on the sidewalk in front of Kroger's. I assumed because I'd talked with the manager 3 times and sent a Press Release as to our goal to headquarters, that was all that was necessary. Jean said she was sure taxpayers paid for the Parking Lot at least, and we could surely be there, but the police said "no."

David's Reply

You can check out my campaign for state rep at the bottom of the homepage it tells how to check election night results.

Much love,


Gerry's Reply

Will do, David, and LOTS OF LUCK on your campaign. We surely do need more people like you representing our best interests;-)


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