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I couldn't be there because my children were both sniffling and coughing, but I was very interested in the information.

Gerry's Response

Dear K.:

Perhaps you're unaware that approximately 90% of our diseases are caused by the foods we eat, so your children's sniffling and coughing might well be related to the "Frankenstein Foods" people are unaware they are buying at their favorite food chain.

Reply from K

I can't believe the out come! My prayers are with all involved and I want to sign one of the petitions. Let me know how.


In a message dated 10/27/02 1:08:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, Kathy writes:

Oh, I can't believe it! How horrible! I think they could at the very least have been more civil to you.

Gerry's Reply

I can't really blame the police, Kathy, they were just doing their jobs, and in fact a few of them, even at the police station, were quite sympathetic to our cause. (That's a whole other story.) After all, they have families, too, and a great majority of them were overweight, overworked, and dumbfounded why we grandmothers would go out on a limb like this.

And ironically, the one who was rude to me was a perfect gentleman to Jean (who herself is ALWAYS a warm, generous and thoughtful person, but very adamant of her country and its errors.)

It's outrageous! I'm still in shock.

The officer mentioned above recognized "Ms. Tune" from when he was a milkman and delivered milk to her home out in the country many eons ago. She did not remember him, but he said he never forgot how kind she was, even back then when she was raising five children and very active with the League of Women Voters, among other things: and always cognizant of the duties of a citizen and patriot.

On the other hand, everything I did seemed to rile him. He'd ask me a question and when I'd try to answer he'd say: "That's enough! I've got more important problems to deal with." Looking at the heavily protruding belly hanging down over his belt, I said: "Yes, I know."

He had no idea what I meant, but didn't like it anyway. He got back at me by refusing to tell us my husband had come in from out-of-town where he'd been harvesting cotton (trying to "make hay while the sun shines" before the rain set in) and had been waiting downstairs for 40 minutes, ready to bail us out.

When we got there we were taken into a police sergeant's office and told again we had been trespassing on private property. We both explained we had nothing against Kroger's and shopped there all the time. Jean said she was probably their most devoted purchaser of organic food. He said if we promised we would never go to Kroger's again, they would release us on our own recognizance until the Court Date. I said I couldn't make that promise because my car was on the Kroger lot. They asked if someone could be called to take us there, then decided they would take us.

It wasn't until later I learned my husband had been waiting downstairs for at least 40 minutes. The same officer who found discontent with me was the one who told my spouse they would be taking us back to get my car.


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