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Genetically Engineered Foods


Dear Editor,

My name is Leah Walton and I am also a Regional Organizer for Greenpeace, but located in Los Angeles, CA. I am writing in defense of my fellow organizer Gerry Coffey.

I myself decided to take on this very difficult position as regional organizer campaigning against Genetically Engineered Foods when I was inflicted with a severe rash for 12 months. I have never had any history of allergies in my life or skin problems.

In 1998 I became pregnant with my first child and began craving Kellogg's Cereals. After eating them for 12 months every morning I developed a serious rash (tiny liquid filled bubbles) all over my hands.

I went to a Dermatologist and he spent 6 months trying everything to stop it. He said he had never seen anything like this. And since I had no allergies it was a mystery until I heard about Kellogg's Frankenfoods. (just released into the market in 1995)

I was so freaked out to think that my baby had been highly dosed with Genetically Engineered Corn! I stopped eating the cereal and have never had a rash since.

I read about the Greenpeace Campaign against GE Foods and went as far as to apply for a volunteer opportunity to spread the word. They appointed me out of thousands who applied and flew my daughter and myself out to the San Francisco Greenpeace headquarters for a three day training seminar.  What I learned there would shock the nation.

I too have never been to jail in my life and have a perfect driving record. But I take the risk now to petition at my local grocery stores. I am 44 years old and will spend the rest of my life fighting the corporations that profit from this UNTESTED and UNSAFE food!

Heads up! Read as much as you can on this subject because it is a serious threat to our farmers, families and friends.


Leah Walton
LA Greenpeace Regional Organizer

Gerry's Reply:

Dear Leah:

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the Letter-to-the-Editor you sent to The Decatur Daily.

Should they choose not to print it, I will at least be able to send it to some via email as your personal experience with Genetically Engineered Organisms in Kellogg's cereals can alert many Mothers & Concerned Others to this very real dangers.

As a matter-of-fact, I and two of my grandchildren have serious rashes (mine are on my hands, forearms and neck) that itch so intensely there are times I want to claw my skin right off to alleviate it. And like you, all attempts thus far have failed to elicit any relief.

In order to keep the 9 month old baby and the other former toddler from scratching and tearing their skin, their mother has resorted to keeping them covered with clothing from neck to fingertips, even in the intense heat of summer.

"Frankenfoods" might very well be the culprit.

Our Court Date is January 9th at 7 a.m. at the City Hall here in Decatur, Alabama. I hope all Mothers & Concerned Others who care about the contamination of their food supply will help us stamp out this abomination of nature by greedy corporations out to make more profit.

Thank you for sharing your experience, for speaking up for those who are unwilling or unable, and for daring to challenge misplaced authority.


Gerry Coffey, Wife/Mother/Grandmother/Health Educator/Concerned Citizen

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