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Genetically Engineered Foods
What You Can Do (7 Steps)

Do what you can to remove genetically-manipulated food ingredients from your diet and your family's diet. You can begin to do this by locating stores in your area which sell foods with organic soy, corn, dairy, and potato ingredients. The stores with the largest selection of such products include:

Large natural food supermarket chains (e.g., Wild Oats Market, Whole Foods Market) Smaller health food stores Food Cooperative Markets

Online Sources (e.g., Wild Oats Market, Whole Foods Market)

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Join others in creating web page links to the Soy Info Online! web page or this subpage.

Examine the organizations and web page resources below to determine which group(s) you want to work with so that we can keep food free of genetic manipulation.

Keep up-to-date on the latest news by subscribing to a discussion group listed in the Resource section below and/or by checking the Ethical Investing page for news updates on genetically-manipulated food issues.

Move your investments out of stocks, mutual funds, retirement funds, etc. which involve companies that produce genetically-manipulated crops and foods (Monsanto, Dupont, Novartis and Agrevo [Hoechst and Schering]). Europe's largest bank recently warned large investors that " GMOs [investments] are dead". These companies' stocks are falling quickly and you will lose money or certainly not make as much money as you can if you have stocks or mutual fund and retirement fund investments that involve these companies. Please check the list of mutual funds (e.g., Fidelity, Janus) that invest in Monsanto stock. Also, please join others by checking the Ethical Investing Web Page for ideas on moving your investments.

Please contact grocery stores to ask them to carry more organic foods including soy products, corn, potatoes and other produce. Contact food product manufacturers and ask them to replace any non-organic soy, corn, potato, dairy or canola ingredients they have with organic, non-genetically-manipulated ingredients. Sometimes the manufacturer will listen to consumer requests as is happening all over Europe. Sometimes they will claim that there are no non-genetically-manipulated sources for the ingredients they use. That is rarely the case as manufacturers all over Europe and Asia are removing gentically-manipulated ingredients from their products (Examples). Other times, they will respond with statements which originated with the genetic manipulation industry. However, it will only take a few major manufacturers in the U.S. to switch to non-genetically-manipulated ingredients and the rest will follow in order to avoid losing market share. So, please be persistent!

Resources Organizations/Web Pages

Campaign for Food Safety

Consumer Association dedicated to protecting food safety. Excellent information on genetically-manipulated foods and actions you can take. They also have a 4-page GE Factsflyer that you can download.

People's Earlth Network

Large and quickly-growing consumer organization managing a letter-writing campaign to encourage companies to eliminate GMO ingredients from their products. Campaign has had enormous success and is looking for others to get involved.

Mothers for Natural Law

"Mothers for Natural Law was founded in June 1996 to transform the overwhelming problems facing Americans into simple, practical action steps everyone can take to safeguard the future for us all. Our agenda originally embraced everything from the environment to crime, education, health and the economy. However, because of its extreme urgency, we have made genetic engineering our only focus, and put all of our other plans on hold." Impressive, easy-to-follow set of web pages including a detailed, How to Avoid Genetically Manipulated Food (How to Shop, What to Eat) web page.

Women Say NO to GMOs

"Like Paul McCartney and his family, we believe GMOs to be one of the most important issues we face in our lifetime. Should it go wrong, genetic engineering could have devastating consequences for our health and the environment. This is why as women we feel we have to make a stand TODAY." Petition signing. Press releases. How you can help section.

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology

Articles from the top scientists around the world. Scientists and Physicians are encouraged to become a member.

Genetic ID Inc.

Testing Lab that offers "Non-GMO Certification" to all growers, processors, handlers and manufacturers of non-genetically modified food products. Also offers the industry's first dual certification: Farm Verified Organic plus Genetically Natural (TM)

Campaign to Ban Genetically Engineered Foods

An international organization which provides many useful articles and perhaps the most comprehensive News on genetically-manipulated food issues.

Ethical Investing

Dedicated to provided resources to help make responsible investment choices. Helpful for removing investments from mutual funds, retirement accounts, etc. which help support the genetic manipulation industry.

Greenpeace International

Greenpeace has been effective in getting European and some U.S. manufacturers to remove genetically-manipulated food ingredients. They have a web site specific to genetically-manipulated foods. On the Greenpeace USA page, you can join the GE Action Network or sign up to receive action alerts.

True Food Campaign

Sponsored by Greenpeace, the True Food Campaign aims to ban GM food, phase-out industrial farming, and promote organic food. The website will tell you about the issues and how to get involved in the campaign - not just in terms of the food you buy, but through action to set a proper agricultural agenda.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) USA Safer Foods, Safer Farms Campaign

A federation of autonomous environmental organizations. Great place to get addresses of food companies to write and ask them to use organic ingredients to eliminate genetically-manipulated foods. FoE UK site has extensive information and action suggestions for those in the United Kingdom. International FoE site has links to FoE web pages around the world. You can join FoE as well.

UK Genetic Engineering Network

A network of most of the UK organizations working to eliminate genetically-manipulated crops. Network was set up to exchange information between groups. Sponsors an online discussion group and newsletter.

Wild Oats Supermarket Chain

Excellent page on genetically-manipulated foods. Includes a easy-to-understand "Claims vs. Facts" section.

Norfolk Genetic Information Network (ngin)

Excellent United Kingdom-based site with UK and international news, articles, news releases and GM food guide (applicable to residents of the United Kingdom only). NGIN has a great links page that links to additional useful and fun web sites.

Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI)

International organization dedicated to the conservation and sustainable improvement of agricultural biodiversity and to the socially responsible development of technologies useful to rural societies. RAFI was instrumental in getting Monsanto to distance themselves from their own deadly Terminator Technology.

Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

"To create a national grassroots consumer campaign for the purpose of lobbying Congress and the President to pass legislation that will require the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the United States."

Natural Law Party

A growing political party that recognizes the hazards of genetically-manipulated foods and is willing to stand up for the people.

Genetix Snowball

"A Campaign of Nonviolent Civil Responsibility." Publishes the handbook, "A Guide to Safely Removing Genetically Modified Plants From Release Sites in Britain." The Campaign section has articles, press releases, chronology of the campaign, GE Data Center, legal action Monsanto and others have brought against the campaigners, statements, photos, etc.

Alliance for Bio-Integrity

An alliance of scientists, consumer groups, environmental groups and religious groups "dedicated to the advancement of human and environmental health through sustainable and safe technologies." The alliance filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 1999.

Edmonds Institute

The Institute is a non-profit, public interest organization committed to the health and sustainability of ecosystems and their inhabitants. The Edmonds Institute has published some groundbreaking scientific and policy-oriented publications including A Manual for Assessing Ecological and Human Health Effects of Genetically Engineered Organisms and A Brief History of Biotechnology Risk and Policy Debates in the US.

Third World Network: Biotechnology/Biosafety

Articles written by experts from around the world relating to biotechnology and biosafety. International news updates. A Project of the Foundation on Economic Trends

Jeremy Rifkin's organization that is helping to spearhead a multi-billion dollar antitrust lawsuit against companies involved in genetic manipulation of foods.

Australian Gene Ethics Network

Information on genetics ethics and genetically-manipulated foods (in the "Food" section).

Richard Wolfson, PhD Web Page Articles, Information on Subscribing to Genetic Engineering News.

Mutanto Web Page Spoof on Monsanto's Web Site. Instead of "Food, Health and Hope" Mutanto offers "Fraud, Stealth and Hype." Mutanto has it's own statement on genetically-manipulated foods.

Super Heros Against Genetix (S.H.A.G.) U.K.-based group which takes action to alert people to the dangers of genetically-manipuated foods. Fun site. Has copies of a few Monsanto internal memos online.

Seize the Day Includes the MonSatan web site and a free song about Monsanto. Also has a good synopsis of Monsanto's history along the right-hand side of the page. Fun site.

Students for Alternatives to Genetic Engineering

Online Discussion Groups and Newsletters Ban-GEF Description A mailing list for the discussion of genetically-engineered with the goal of sharing independent and accurate information. The group is made up of independent scientists and the general public.

Subscription Instructions To subscribe, send an email message to [email protected]  with the following in the SUBJECT of the message: subscribe

GE Description

An email newsletter with extensive news and both scientific and general information about genetically-engineered food. Information from the Campaign To Ban Genetically-Engineered Foods.

Subscription Instructions

GENTECH-REQUEST Description A mailing list about genetically-engineered food dangers. The list is located in Germany, but the language used is English.

Subscription Instructions
To subscribe, send email to [email protected]   with the following in the SUBJECT LINE of the message: subscribe

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