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Occupy Monsanto - May 28, 2013

I regret I was only aware after-the-fact about the March Against Monsanto and see by the chart included below that our beautiful State-of-Alabama was unrepresented.

This despite the fact the late Jean Tune and I were the only ones in the Nation arrested for doing our best several years ago to alert shoppers to the dangers of GMO contaminated foods... as per the following:

So glad YOU and OTHERS took up the gauntlet which proves THEY

  • Can fool some of the people ALL of the time,

  • ALL of the people some of the time


When people unite for a common cause-- and what could be more common than our "Common Ground" which is being contaminated worldwide by the likes of Monsanto, WE have the power to change ANYTHING!

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From Occupy Monsanto, October 28, 2013

Last weekend we hit the tipping point. Across the world local TV stations & newspapers covered the highly successful March Against Monsanto. We are unaware of any time in history that so many news outlets covered the issue of GMOs in our food supply. Google Trends analysis shows that on Saturday "Monsanto" was the 6th most Googled word in the United States:

Moreover, we are unaware of any time since February 15, 2003 where entire planet spoke in unison about an important issue.,_2003_anti-war_protest

Noticeably absent, however, were the major news outlets like CNN, FOX, MSNBC (Bill Gates!), the New York Times, the Washington Post whose staff enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend by not covering the March Against Monsanto (they totally missed out!). There was, however, one Associated Press article that got syndicated in nearly every newspaper across America. Many feel the lack of national media coverage was a concerted blackout of our issue, and while this may be true, we know that its likely due to who buys ads on those TV networks: the companies that use Monsanto's GMOs in their products:

Up next in America is the Moms Across America March To Label GMOs on the 4th of July:

There are currently 123 events scheduled to take place across America and we urge you to organize or join the one nearest you. To those reading this email outside of the United States, we urge you to "declare your independence from Monsanto" and have a solidarity demonstration on the 4th of July. In August, while members of Congress are not in Washington, DC, we are urging food fighters to stage demonstrations outside of their Representatives and Senators local offices to put pressure on them to stop working on behalf of Monsanto. Finally, we want everyone to put Tuesday, September 17, 2013 (Occupy Wall Street anniversary!) and Saturday, October 12, 2013 (the next March Against Monsanto!) on your calendars. As always, we would love to know of any demonstrations you are planning so that we can share them in our upcoming emails.

Yesterday we created a community spreadsheet on Google Docs [to view, you must join Google]:

The spreadsheet was designed to catalog all of the March Against Monsanto media that was generated over the last week. From local TV coverage to unedited Youtube videos to Facebook photo galleries of the March Against Monsanto, we hope you will consider adding to spreadsheet so that others will see the success of your March Against Monsanto. We have over 170 different items but we know that this listing is only the tip of the iceberg!

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