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    Green Smoothies Help an Autistic Child

From Green Smoothies Blog by Victoria Boutenko
October 2012

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, my day was brightened by the following letter:

My six-year-old son has Asperger�s which is an Autistic disorder.

He had a very tough time with food lately and about 3 weeks ago chose to start drinking smoothies.

I honestly don�t know how to describe my gratitude to you. He is a changed child. A lot of the challenges we used to have are just gone! I knew green smoothies and raw food is good for you and that it could help people that are sick to get better � but I never imagined it would have such an impact on an autistic child. Thank you!

A few months ago I came across Sergei�s video �Green Smoothie� that a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I ordered �Green for life� the same day. I�m sure you receive many letters from people all around the world, telling you how raw food and smoothies changed their lives. It has changed mine. But that�s not why I�m writing you. I want to tell you how smoothies changed the life of my 6-year-old child. He is beautiful, and smart and has Asperger�s (Autistic spectrum disorder). After reading your book I chose to go �raw� cold turkey (My family chose not to join me). At first I tried to have him taste green smoothies and he wouldn�t hear of it. In fact, he looked at me as if I�ve gone crazy even suggesting that.

Textures are an issue and food in general is a complicated thing for a lot of autistic children. I left him alone and just continued offering a taste every once in a while. He always refused.

About a month ago he stopped eating for some reason. We tried anything we could think of to convince him to eat but nothing helped. About 3 weeks ago he had a very bad �eating day�: came back home with a full lunch box from school and refused to eat dinner. I gave him a choice: Either eat chicken, rice, and vegetables with dad or drink a smoothie. I was ready to give him the full motivational speech about the importance of food when to my surprise he asked for a smoothie. I gave him a small glass (honestly, I was expecting for him to change his mind) � he drank it and asked for more.

The past 3 weeks he has been drinking smoothies every day. At first, I was just happy he was getting all the nutrients and that I didn�t have to worry about food any longer. Gradually, I started noticing that things where going better.

It�s only been 3 weeks but I still can�t believe the change I see in him. It�s like he�s a different child: Happy, healthy, calm, sleeps well, and a lot of our day to day challenges are simply gone. Even at school they have noted the change. I can�t thank you enough for teaching me about raw food! I knew smoothies could help people that are sick but I never imagined it could have such an effect on an autistic child. (And he�s not even eating pure raw, Just the smoothies!) Thank you for the work that you and your family are doing!�

E. T.
From The Netherlands

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