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Physical and Spiritual Enlightenment Through Eating:

The Boutenkos are a Family of four international speakers and wellness practitioners who emigrated from Russia to find the "American Dream." They experienced incredible financial success at the expense of their health, but found renewal and spiritual awareness through the consumption of raw, fresh, unfired foods. Through their program of consuming a 100% raw food diet, the parents and their two children have overcome chronic health problems including suicidal tendencies, morbid obesity, Type I Diabetes (Juvenile), Asthma, High Cholesterol, and crippling Arthritis.

The Boutenkos have been on a 100% raw food diet since 1994 and have taught classes and given lectures on the subject for the past five years.  Their first book,  "Raw Family:  A True Story of Awakening," published in 2000, was so well received by health enthusiasts  it was followed by the recently released "Twelve Steps to Raw Food," a diet related program based on the successful 12 step formula.

Victoria Boutenko is a certified Living Foods Practitioner, Iridologist,
and Health Minister. She teaches Living Nutrition at Southern Oregon
University. She is also the Head Chef at the Springs Garden Caf´┐Ż in Ashland, Oregon, where she serves up the gourmet raw cuisine for which she is fast becoming famous!

Victoria's husband Igor, a famous lecturer and masseuse in native Russia, administers massages and leads fitness forays, and their two children, Sergie, now 16, and Valya, 14, (formerly school misfits, now both in college) participate by preparing their own unique raw food concoctions and lecturing to students and adults on the benefits of the 100% Raw Food diet they've consumed for the past 8 years.

The Santa Cruz County Raw Foodists Support says, "Victoria is a warm, accessible, and a truly inspiring person. For those of you who don't already know her, you're in for a real treat! Her classes are always packed!"

The Boutenkos acknowledge whether we eat raw food, vegan or cooked food, eating is the number one pleasure for most of us.   Science has shown there is no question that raw food, fresh vegetables and fruits are the best foods for optimal health, but few people have learned how to incorporate this into their lifestyles.

The Boutenkos show how to make raw food delicious. Their beginning classes start with the basic dishes:  Soups, garden burgers, cheeses, yogurt, milk, dressing and cocktails. All of the dishes are made from 100% raw foods.  No animal products or cooked food are included.

The Boutenko Family teaches that raw food eating is a path to spirituality and happiness; that cooked food is an addiction that sets off insatiable cravings for food devoid of nutrition but overloaded with calories that lead to disease and debilitation.

"When you eat only raw food," states Victoria Boutenko, "you become spiritual because you have rid your body of the toxins that cloud your mind and thinking and rob you of your health and vitality. You then learn to live in happiness and pleasure without the addiction to cooked food. When we learn to be happy with what we have, here and now, that is spiritual awakening."

Central to their teachings is the Boutenko's belief that we each have an inner wisdom about how to achieve vibrant health.  In her classes, Victoria shares that  "The human body is the bridge between the spirit and the universe.  It is something that gives us a chance to smell, to touch, to move.  It is how we interact.  I absolutely know that we have to trust our body.    Our body knows best.  So listen to your body and your intuition for life and happiness. "

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