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Rheumatoid Arthritis
by Donna

"Before adopting the Hallelujah Diet in May 2001, I had been on Celebrex and Sulfasalozine for my RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS! Since making the diet change, I no longer have to put the cruise control on in my car for the ten-minute drive home from work each day, because my feet no longer ache. I can write in the morning without the stiffness in my hands. I can run up and down steps, no longer having to take baby steps. My baker's cyst behind my left knee has disappeared. My nails and hair and skin are much healthier now. I had exercised my whole adult life, and it had gotten frustrating not being able to enjoy my exercises or do them to their fullest potential. But because of the diet change, I have been able to resume an advanced exercise program and am off all medications.

"I tell everyone now, and preach the vegetarian gospel. Since making the diet change, I have only had a cold twice - - once in December and once in February, due to the fact that with both Christmas and Valentines, I consumed cookies and candies, therefore allowing my immune system to be broken down by all that awful sugar. That's what I get! I won't let that happen again!

"I just bought and read John Robbins book 'Diet For A New America.' Thank you for recommending it. It is a wonderful book. My family of five have almost completely joined me in this vegan lifestyle -- not quite 100% yet -- but all are eating much healthier. My husband began the diet in January 2002 and is also very pleased with the results.

"Now my in-laws (mother, father, and sisters) are joining in on the (health) fun also, as well as a neighbor and other friends I have shared this diet with. I thank you, Dr. Malkmus, so very much, as well as the person who shared this diet with me every time I see her, and of course most importantly, the Lord. I so appreciate how you are allowing the Lord to use you to do such an awesome and wonderful work in answering God's definite call to you. God bless you, Rhonda, and all those involved with your ministry."


�Dear Brother Malkmus: I just wanted to write and thank you for your kind, and thorough answer to my letter . . . You may remember that I moved to Atlanta to begin a doctoral program at Georgia State University. I have since decided to drop the program; I just was not up to 3-4 years more of the 'establishment medicine' route! In the meantime, I am an Exercise Physiologist with a Personal Training business. I am incorporating your (God's) ideas into my everyday conversations with my clients. You may be pleased to learn that I, too, now consider most everything from established, mainstream, medicine to be false. There is hope for me yet! Perhaps there might be some way I, as an exercise professional, can be of service in your ministry. I would be very interested in going through the training sessions . . . . Please send ministry info . . . After 5 jars of dehydrated barley juice powder and carrot juice and copious raw vegetables and fruits daily, my rheumatoid arthritis is completely gone! . . . Praise God for the work you are doing . . . "

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