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You Don't Have to be Sick
By: Gerry Coffey

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it can also be the way to his soul:

There was something familiar about the slight figure in the shadows near the brightly lit SouthSide Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama, that Thursday night. I urged my friends from Decatur to join me, and, swallowing a lump in my throat at the remarkable humility of this man whose message is teaching millions how to free themselves from disease, introduced them to the guest- of -honor, Dr. George Malkmus.

Dressed in open-neck shirt, khaki trousers and tennis shoes, Pastor George, as he calls himself, shunned the limelight and an entourage before the official presentation, and quietly greeted those who recognized him. Founder of the Hallelujah Diet -- a way of eating that energizes and heals, and in less than 7 years has swept across continents – the modest preacher’s message via seminars, books, tapes, Barley Green, and juicers, is always the same: "You Don’t Have To Be Sick!".

It’s a timely message on this Easter Sunday, as most of us here in the heart of the Bible Belt celebrate the event with pagan and Christian rituals that contribute to our diseases and early demise. He knows the road well, for he once traveled it:

Doing "God’s work" gave him immunity to sickness, thought the Reverend George Malkmus, as he watched his beloved mother succumb to Colon Cancer. She was a Registered Nurse, a graduate of New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, and dutifully followed the advice of the doctors she believed in so strongly, Malkus told a 700 Club TV audience. His story jammed the phone lines, and they remained that way for days. It was the largest response the popular TV show had ever received. Pastor George’s message: "YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SICK," struck a chord with people from Alaska to New Zealand and all parts in between. Some of them were from North Alabama, and a number of them called to tell us about a Pastor who taught people about eating the same way we did.

We admit to being skeptical at first as the "holy men" we had tried to tell about our discovery of how to avoid the majority of diseases through diet and lifestyle changes dismissed us as "kooks."

However, Faye and Chisolm Downs attended our next HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES Class and Support Group, and pressed Dr. Malkmus video tape (Now available through COFFEY BREAK: A Healthy Alternative at [email protected]), into our hands and urged us to view it, we felt compelled to do so. We were flabbergasted. Without meaning to sound presumptive, it was as though we had written the script. After a brief introduction on how his mother’s experiences led him to a new way of life, Dr. Malkmus launches into a method of living that saved our lives and in which we’ve immersed ourselves over the past 15 years.

"Mother was a hail, hearty woman before she submitted to the treatment and took the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery," Dr. Malkmus points out in his seminars and on his video. "She went ‘down hill’ from the day they started treating her, and because of that she died a horrible death." (Note: Dr. Malkmus stresses his Doctorate of Literature bestowed by the Louisiana Baptist Seminary at Shreveport, is honorary, but "I AM an ordained Baptist Minister. ")

When at age 42, he himself was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, Pastor George was devastated. He had seen the results of conventional medicine, and after 20 years as a pastor, saw the futility of sitting at the bedside of sick people and offering up personal and collective prayers for divine intervention. "It must be God’s will," they were told, when no matter how devout and dedicated, they rarely responded to medical treatment. To this day, Malkmus points out, 90% of prayers offered are for people who are sick. Pastor George’s conclusion, after years of research and experience: "WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE SICK!!! Disease and sickness are self inflicted. God didn’t have anything to do with it. Almost every physical problem, other than accidents, is caused by improper diet and lifestyle. All we have to do to be well is eat and live according to the way God intended!" Pastor George says the reason he’s thriving 23 years later is because he refused conventional "health care" and learned "God’s Way to Ultimate Health," the title of his book and basis for "The Hallelujah Diet." TV audiences around the world took him to heart. More than a thousand orders a day request his books, audios, videos, and health-promoting products.

People are desperate to learn about the diet of raw fruits, vegetables and fresh juices he says healed his cancer in less than a year. Simultaneously, he points out, the diet also rid him of hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, severe allergies, sinuses, high blood pressure, fatigue, pimples, colds, flu, and even body odor and dandruff. And, for the past 23 years, "I’ve never made another visit to a doctor and have yet to experience a cold, sore throat, upset stomach, or taken as much as an aspirin. "It’s thrilling," Dr. Malkmus told 120 of us taking his 3 Day Health Ministers’ Course, including 5 medical doctors, health-care providers and lay people, " to still be able to play football, basketball and softball with the boys, jog five miles with ease, and have more energy, endurance and stamina at age 65, then when I was 20."

Seeing is believing*. Dr. Malkmus bounds across the stage, jumps up and down for good measure, and proceeds to belt out cheers, exercises and lectures that might leave the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders winded. He found his answer to health outside the medical profession. It came from a biblical scholar in Texas affectionately known as "Carrot Juice Roloff." Brother Lestor Roloff advised him to change his diet. The very next day he went "Cold Turkey!" and cut out meat, dairy and junk food, and switched to fruits, vegetables and fresh juices. "I call it the ‘Hallelujah Diet’" Malkmus explains, "because when the body finally gets a dose of good food, it shouts: ‘HALLELUJAH!"

Lest he rankle a righteous medical community—one already fearful of inroads made by alternative therapies, some of them as dangerous as the medical procedures they replace—Dr. Malkmus points out it’s every citizen’s constitutional right to self prescribe, and that the "Hallelujah Diet" is "God’s way, as outlined in the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:29."

Dr. Malkmus came to our attention when numerous people called to say he advocates the same kind of lifestyle we teach through our free monthly HEALTHY ALTERNTIVES class. We were taken aback when we saw his video. Without meaning to sound presumptuous, it would seem we could almost have written the script. And except for the Barley Green, which he says would have cut his recovery time in half, our backgrounds, practices and road to health have followed similar routes. We evolved to the predominantly raw, plant-based diet and fresh juices as advocated by the American Natural Hygiene Society. It saved me from life-threatening drugs and surgery by resolving an ovarian cyst the size of a cantaloupe. My husband, Ray, was rescued from diverticulitis, prostate and sinus problems. We also immersed ourselves in years of study with some of the same people. But Barley Green, I assumed, was for those who could not or would not chew raw food. I was also curious to learn why Dr. Malkmus endorsed a particular brand of Barley Green.

Happily, my skepticism was groundless. Dr. Malkmus, at once dynamic, tranquil, proud and humble, serves only one Master and is beholden to no company or product. His "homework" convinced him AIM Barley Green is "the most dense source of cell-building nutrients on the planet." If it and his diet can help others find freedom from disease, he wants them to know about it. We now sell his books, audios, videos, etc. His, as our, main objective is to lead people to make more informed and healthier life style choices. If this is done, good things will follow.

With this in mind we have taken the liberty of sending the names and addresses on this newsletter to Dr. Malkmus to send his own inspiring BACK TO THE GARDENS Newsletter. Individual copies of these newsletters cost $3, but you will be receiving it free of charge with our compliments. (If others reading this newsletter would like to be included just call us at 256/350-2823 or email [email protected]) To help us continue our health ministry, we hope anyone desiring to purchase Barley Green, Juicers, Dehydrators, books, tapes and videos order through us for the same price or in some cases less. ---Gerry Coffey

*On reading the comparison to the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders, our son, recently returned from living in New Zealand for a year and unfamiliar with Dr. Malkmus, thought this an exaggeration that might question our credibility: We assured him it wasn’t!

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