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Spotlight on Sinus Problems
By: Gerry Coffey

On our return from Baltimore, David Carle, who recently attended his first HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES meeting, called to say he "almost had to leave the room because my sinuses were running so bad.

"And after listening to you and your husband talk, I realized I’d asked a dumb question when I said: ‘What do you do with your milk cartons?’ You said you didn’t have anything to recycle? I couldn’t imagine anybody living without milk," Dave added, "but the very next day I started getting off the milk and the cheese products. And within 3 or 4 days I noticed a big difference. So I went ahead and got off everything,. And my sinuses dried up totally.

"It wasn’t difficult to do because I knew if I could do it, I could help myself. Previous to that, I’d been drinking about 2 and 3 glasses of milk a day. I didn’t realize that was one of the things that was tearing me up. That and the cheese and other dairy products."

Dave said he’d been off dairy products for about 3 weeks and was feeling much better when his daughter, who goes to Eastwood school, won a prize. "When you read so many books, you win a pizza, so we went out last night and had a pizza. And I noticed today at work that my sinuses were draining like crazy. I even noted it in my day planner: ‘Ate pizza last night. Today my sinuses are draining..;" (Note: keeping a food journal is an excellent way to "connect" symptoms which otherwise might not be associated and thus left unaddressed

Now Dave wants to share his new found knowledge with his mother who lives in Ohio. "She is the world’s worst when it comes to allergies," Dave explains. "She gets a shot every two weeks for allergies, and she’s also on several different types of vitamins and is under the assumption she can only get her calcium through milk."

We empathize with the difficulty of sharing valuable health information with loved ones when it contradicts physicians’ advice. Unfortunately, most physicians have been trained at pharmaceutically funded medical schools that concentrate on pathology not prevention. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.* who joined us here in North Alabama last year, is an exception to the rule. This former Olympic athlete turned Family Physician was recently highlighted on Good Morning America for his tremendous success in reversing chronic diseases without drugs or surgery,. As Dr. Fuhrman points out in his book Fasting and Eating for Health, * the average American woman consumes more than 100 grams of protein per day, ich is more than twice the level of our already high RDA. The extra protein that we do not need merely adds stress to the system by increasing the acid tide in our bloodstream after a high-protein meal and forcing the body to deal with excess nitrogenous waste.

"The stress from excess protein results in premature aging of the kidney and loss of excessive calcium when urinating. This inevitably weakens the bones and osteoporosis is the result.

" Plant products contain an abundance of protein without being excessive. How else could the gorilla get to be 800 lbs of muscle, eating solely fruit and leaves? The main point is we should be concerned about too much rather than too little protein. The calcium supplements and increased milk consumption recommended to today’s women will further accelerate kidney stone formation and nephrocalcinosis, since more calcium will be filtered through the kidney. Plant food, in the form of green leafy vegetables, are a preferable source of protein also because they do not contain antibiotics, cholesterol, and man-made chemicals that concentrate in animal tissues. Unfortunately, animal foods are contaminated with man-made poisons and can contain high levels of pesticides such as PCBs and DDTs which are also linked to cancer. Fish and dairy products and chicken and red meat are the largest contributors of these toxic products in our diet."

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