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“THE CHINA STUDY”: “…for the children of the world.”

“Behind every successful man stands a great woman.”

The love and support of his wife, acknowledges Dr. T. Colin Campbell, arguably the foremost nutritionist in the world today,* gave him the courage to sacrifice his career to correct a grievous wrong perpetuated against a trusting society.

Writes Dr. Campbell:

"...this (book) happened because Karen, my lifelong love and wife of 43 years, made it so. I wanted to do it, but she wanted it even more. She said it had to be done for the children of the world. She cajoled, she pushed and she insisted that we keep our nose to the grindstone. She read every word, those kept and those discarded--some several times.”

In “The China Study: Startling implications for diet, weight loss, and long term health,” Cornell University Professor Emeritus, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, discloses how taxpayers have been duped to believe the very foods that cause their diseases will help make them healthy.

The rampant spread of:

  • Obesity (my home State, Alabama. has the highest rate in the Nation)
  • Cancer (now the #1 cause of death in children)
  • Heart Disease (#1 cause of death in women, starts in childhood)
  • Diabetes (Type II formerly only seen in Adults now prevalent in our children)
  • And other chronic diseases in America (and the rest of the world) makes it painfully evident few people—including the professionals—understand the concept of true nutrition, the basic foundation of health.

Moreover, reveals Dr. T. Colin Campbell (brief bio below), acting upon the cause will not only wipe out the majority of chronic diseases but can also eliminate world hunger by freeing up resources currently “feeding” the culprit that causes desperate people to seek a panacea through drugs.

As a former conventional Health Educator who once helped perpetuate those myths--and nearly died as a result--I am grateful there are people like Dr. Campbell and his wife, Karen, who had the courage to sacrifice a distinguished career to give back to the American people whose taxes made that career possible.

Many years in conception and 3 intensive years in the writing, “The China Study” is co-authored by their youngest son, Tom, who took a 2 year-hiatus from his own profession and as a result of this book is applying to medical school.

“The China Study” amasses a wealth of scientific studies and puts them in everyday language. The indisputable facts speak for themselves: simple changes in diet can dramatically reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity as well as many other scourges of health, wealth and longevity.

I hope this reaches as many people as possible so the world’s children might learn about a way to eat that, in Dr. Campbell’s words, is “…more substantial, health giving and health lasting, without costing an arm and a leg.”

For more info see:, and if you have time to read this exceptional book, just let me know so I might get you a copy.


Gerry Coffey, Wife, Mother, Grandmother (of 10: so I have a vest interest), Health Educator, Concerned Citizen 256/350-2823


* Short bios of The China Study authors:

For more than 40 years, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. has been at the forefront of nutrition research. His legacy, the China Study, is the most comprehensive study of health and nutrition ever conducted. Dr. Campbell is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and Project Director of the China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project. The study was the culmination of a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Campbell received his master’s degree and Ph.D. from Cornell, and served as a Research Associate at MIT. He spent 10 years on the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition before returning to the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell in 1975 where he presently holds his Endowed Chair (now Emeritus).

His principal scientific interests, which began with his graduate training in the late 1950s, has been on the effects of nutritional status on long term health, particularly on the cause of cancer. He has conducted original research both in laboratory experiments and in large-scale human studies; has received more than 70 grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding, mostly from the National Institute of Health, and has served on several grant review panels of multiple funding agencies, lectured extensively world wide, and has authored more than 300 research papers.

He is the recipient of several awards, both in research and citizenship, and has conducted original research investigation both in experimental animal and human studies, and has actively participated in the development of national and international nutrition policy.

Thomas M. Campbell II

A 1999 graduate of Cornell University, Thomas Campbell is a writer, actor and two-time marathon runner. Born and raised in Ithaca, NY, he has appeared on stage in London, Chicago, and most of the states east of the Mississippi. Mr. Campbell is also a soccer player, skier, hiker and avid reader of health labels. He is thrilled to integrate his passion for language and health as a co-author of The China Study.


Tom Campbell put his career on hold over the past few years to work side-by-side with his father to co-author The China Study. The profound experience has caused him to redirect his focus.

"Tom has decided to apply to medical school--to practice nutrition-based medicine--and is presently cramming for the MedCAT test coming up this weekend,” says Dr. Campbell.

“ Inviting Tom to come home to help me co-author the book was one of the best decisions Karen and I ever made. Tom has had to learn in a few months a prodigious amount of chemistry-biology-physics information that Pre-Med students take 4 years to do and that he completely omitted during his undergraduate arts degree program, but I am sure that he will do well.”


The China Study describes a monumental survey of diet and death rates from cancer in more than 2,400 Chinese counties and the equally monumental efforts to explore its significance and implications for nutrition and health. Dr. Campbell and his son, Thomas, have written a lively, provocative and important book that deserves widespread attention.

Frank Rhodes, Ph.D., President (1978-1995) Emeritus, Cornell University

Colin Campbell’s The China Study is an important book, and a highly readable one. With his son, Tom, Colin studies the relationship between diet and disease, and his conclusions are startling. The China Study is a story that needs to be heard.

Robert C. Richardson, Ph.D., Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Physics and Vice Provost of Research, Cornell University

The China Study is the account of a ground-breaking research study that provides the answers long sought by physicians, scientists, and health-conscious readers. Based on painstaking investigations over many years, it unearths surprising answers to the most important nutritional questions of our time: What really causes cancer? How can we extend our lives? What will turn around the obesity epidemic? The China Study quickly and easily dispenses with fad diets, relying on solid and convincing evidence. Clearly and beautifully written by one of the world’s most respected nutrition authorities, The China Study represents a major turning point in our understanding of health.

Neal Barnard, M.D., President, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine

Everyone in the field of nutrition science stands on the shoulders of T. Colin Campbell, who is one of the giants in the field. This is one of the most important books about nutrition ever written -- reading it may save your life.

Dean Ornish, M.D.

Founder & President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Author, Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and Love & Survival

The China Study is the most convincing evidence yet on preventing heart disease, cancer and other Western diseases by dietary means. It is the book of choice both for economically developed countries and for countries undergoing rapid economical transition and lifestyle change.

Junshi Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Research

Professor, Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

All concerned with the obesity epidemic, their own health, and the staggering environmental and social impacts of the Western diet will find wise and practical solutions in Dr. Campbell’s The China Study.

Robert Goodland, Lead Advisor on the Environment, The World Bank Group (1978-2001)

Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study is a moving and insightful history of the struggle, still ongoing, to understand and explain the vital connection between our health and what we eat. Dr. Campbell knows this subject from the inside: he has pioneered the investigation of the diet-cancer link since the days of the seminal “China Study,” the 1982 NAS report, “Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer,” and American Institute for Cancer Research’s expert panel report, “Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective.”

Consequently, he is able to illuminate every aspect of this question. Today, AICR advocates a predominantly plant-based diet for lower cancer risk because of the great work Dr. Campbell and just a few other visionaries began 25 years ago.

Marilyn Gentry, President, American Institute for Cancer Research

The China Study is a well-documented analysis of the fallacies of the modern diet, lifestyle, and medicine and the quick fix approach that often fails. The lessons from China provide compelling rationale for a plant-based diet to promote health and reduce the risk of the diseases of affluence.

Sushma Palmer, Ph.D., Former Executive Director, Food and Nutrition Board, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

The China Study is extraordinarily helpful, superbly written, and profoundly important. Dr. Campbell’s work is revolutionary in its implications and spectacular in its clarity. I learned an immense amount from this brave and wise book.

If you want to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and then take cholesterol lowering medication, that’s your right. But if you want to truly take charge of your health, read The China Study and do it soon! If you heed the counsel of this outstanding guide, your body will thank you every day for the rest of your life.

John Robbins, Author of the best-selling books, Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution

The China Study is a rare treat. Finally, a world-renowned nutritional scholar has explained the truth about diet and health in a way that everyone can easily understand--a startling truth that everyone needs to know. In this superb volume, Dr. Campbell has distilled, with his son Tom, for us the wisdom of his brilliant career. If you feel any confusion about how to find the healthiest path for yourself and your family, you will find precious answers in The China Study. Don’t miss it!

Douglas J. Lisle, Ph.D. & Alan Goldhamer, D.C., Authors of The Pleasure Trap

So many diet and health books contain conflicting advice, but most have one thing in common-an agenda to sell something. Dr. Campbell’s only agenda is truth. As a distinguished professor at Cornell University, Dr. Campbell is the Einstein of nutrition. The China Study is based on hardcore scientific research, not the rank speculation of a Zone, Atkins, SugarBusters or any other current fad. Dr. Campbell lays out his lifetime of research in an accessible, entertaining way. Read this book and you will know why.

Jeff Nelson, President, (most visited food website in the world)

The China Study gives critical, life-saving nutritional information for every health-seeker in America. But, it is much more; Dr. Campbell’s exposé of the research and medical establishment makes this book a fascinating read and one that could change the future for all of us. Every health care provider and researcher in the world must read it.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Author of the bestselling book, Eat To Live

If you’re looking to enhance your health, performance and your success read The China Study immediately. Finally, scientifically valid guidance on how much protein we need and where we should get it. The impact of these findings is enormous.

John Allen Mollenhauer

Founder, and 

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