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We began this Advice section as a means of assisting our visitors in answering many of their health and diet questions, and in encouraging them to take a pro-active part in their own health.  We believe that the information contained herein is true, but are not presenting it as the only solution to a problem.  We, personally, have found that a vegan diet has helped our own health, and simply wish to share with others the things we have found.   Each of us must make our own decisions, for it's our own body.  If you have a health problem, see your own physician.

Detoxifying the Body and the Benefits of Raw Foods

Hello once again Mr. Coffey

Thank-you for responding so soon to my requests.

Q. I was hoping you could provide me with information such as books, videos that may contain information about detoxifying the body or maybe a book that talks about the benefits of a raw food all natural vegetarian/fruitarian diet.

A. Two books we can recommend to start you out are:

1. The Raw Food Family

2. The 12 Steps to Raw Food

both are written by Victoria Boutenko and her family.

We have book reviews on both of them on our website and should you choose to purchase them, you can email us to that effect.  

I would also recommend the article: "Calcification: The Disease Culprit," by Dr. Monroe Burton, to give you an overview on the cause of disease.  You can find all of the above and more by clicking on "Articles" on our website and then going down the list of subjects to click on the one you prefer.

Q. I was also hoping you could recommend something that I can try myself to help me with my problems, maybe recommend a detoxification program.  I read so much about these programs yet I wonder do they really work.

A. Of course there is a lot of contradictory material out there and it is really important that you be discriminating and not rush into trying things, particularly if they seem quite extreme.  A lot of people seem to think vegans (those who eat no animal or dairy products) are rather extreme, yet they think nothing of taking expensive medications that rob them of their vitality (all medications are toxic), or having open heart surgery that saws through the breast bone and opens it up like garage doors.  However, even knowing the right thing to do will not work if it's not practiced correctly.  And nothing works unless you apply it and stick to it.

Q. How do you know that your in a toxic state?

A. Whenever one has symptoms, one knows one is in a toxic state.  Symptoms include everything from a runny nose, to pimples, to headaches to fevers and achiness, to stiff bones, ear aches, stomach aches, cramps, pain of any kind.  If "assaults" to the body are continued long enough they turn into chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Q. How do you know when you have freed yourself from toxins?

A. When these symptoms are no longer evident, and one feels happy to be alive, awakens refreshed and has vibrant energy, bright eyes, shiny hair, clear complexion, clarity of thought, and an overall feeling of peace-of-mind.

Q. These are some of the questions I would like to have answered.  I'm constantly surfing the net looking for something I can purchase that may help me.

A. If you are sincere and active about changing non-health promoting food choices and lifestyle, I feel certain you will make substantial improvements by making initial changes and then going on to more.  In fact I was just now interrupted by a phone call from a woman with whom I did a telephone consultation last week.  She wanted to tell me about the changes that were evident within a few days, how much energy she had, and the improvements she had made just from just a few simple changes.  It's success stories like this that enrich our lives and make all the years of study and change of lifestyle worthwhile.

Ironically, although this woman confessed to being overweight, the real reason she got in touch after reading an article about us in the newspaper, was due to her concern for her husband.  She felt if she could set a good example, he might follow.  In the process she cleared up constipation she acknowledged had been a problem for many years, no longer felt bloated and tired, and was able to work and go to school without feeling stressed.  Incidentally, this woman has several children ranging in age from teen to adult.

We realize there is much confusing and conflicting information bombarding the public, much of it coming from the people we go to for advice.  Unfortunately they have been "brain washed" through an education based on self interest and greed for the corporate dollar.  Fortunately, though, more and more people are beginning to take charge of their own health and not leave it in the hands of disinterested strangers.  People owe it to themselves to seek out as much information as possible and then make an informed decision.  

Happily we stumbled onto this way of living almost 20 years ago and freed ourselves from the trappings and bondage of conventional therapies and medicines.  

Nothing can heal the body except the body's own self-healing mechanisms. And given the proper environment (unless unalterable damage has been done by conventional therapy: the body cannot replace organs removed by unnecessary surgeries) the body will indeed heal itself.

Q. Tomorrow will mark my 25th birthday and I'd hate to spend another year of my life in the condition I'm in.

A. You didn't mention your specific "condition," but regardless, what's good for one problem is generally good for any problem.

Q. I'm ready for a change.

A. Congratulations for having the wisdom to start this life-enhancing transition before you get any older. Would that we'd had that early a start, but we're thankful we learned when we did.

Gerry Coffey,
Director HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES: Disease-Free-Living Through Fitness & Nutrition Health is (the ONLY true) Wealth;-)

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