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We began this Advice section as a means of assisting our visitors in answering many of their health and diet questions, and in encouraging them to take a pro-active part in their own health.  We believe that the information contained herein is true, but are not presenting it as the only solution to a problem.  We, personally, have found that a vegan diet has helped our own health, and simply wish to share with others the things we have found.   Each of us must make our own decisions, for it's our own body.  If you have a health problem, see your own physician.

Establishing an Estate Trust or Foundation


Hello Gerry,

Is there a place on the web or any place that I can get a volunteer to help me to get my estate trust or foundation started?

I would need for them to live here so they can help. My trust or foundation will be a vegetarian-religious type thing. I will see an attorney next week to see about me getting a non-profit fund set up so I can get a vegetarian lady to help and the money will go into this non-profit fund and she will be paid out of the fund but the part that I done will be used to get the trust or foundation started. Unless she wants her part to go for that purpose also but I can't imagine anyone being that interested.

I thought about putting my trust or personal info into your data base to try to get my foundation started. I don't know anyone that is vegetarian except me that would live here but they need to so we can do this and they will be available.

If not a volunteer then a worker. I need a human. If they won't be the trustee for my foundation then I need for them to help me find 2 trustees for my foundation.

Any ideas or places to look or advertise will be appreciated.

Shirley M. Hosier


Hi, Shirley:

To begin with, please tell me where you are located and what duties you have in mind for the person you would like to live there.

And forgive my memory, but have we met, or are you going on information you found on our website?

CONGRATULATIONS for establishing such a worthwhile foundation.

Looking forward to learning more about it so I might possibly direct you to some help.


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