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We began this Advice section as a means of assisting our visitors in answering many of their health and diet questions, and in encouraging them to take a pro-active part in their own health.  We believe that the information contained herein is true, but are not presenting it as the only solution to a problem.  We, personally, have found that a vegan diet has helped our own health, and simply wish to share with others the things we have found.   Each of us must make our own decisions, for it's our own body.  If you have a health problem, see your own physician.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Dear Gerry

I have had poor health for the last 8 years, believing that my problem was due to ME/CFS. I recently got to see a neurologist who informed me I have MS.

I had my amalgam fillings replaced and I try to take great care with my diet, but what to eat? I have consumed fruit/vegetable juices,...

>>Hi, John: Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with MS, however it might help you to look at the diagnosis as a blessing in disguise if it shocks you into learning how to take charge of your health and make changes that are health promoting.

>>RE: Juices. When we counsel people we advocate ONLY vegetable juice. No fruit juice. Better to eat fresh, whole, raw juicy fruits in their natural state, not juiced. When fruits are juiced the sugar is too concentrated. If you do not yet own a quality juicer, it could be one of the best investments in your health you can find occasion to purchase: but ONLY if you use it;-)

>>Regarding vegetable juices: we recommend a juice combination of freshly extracted carrot 50% and 50% "green" juice (Romaine or cabbage leaves, Broccoli stems, kale, etc.). If you have yet to try it, you are in for a real treat! GREAT WAY TO START THE DAY!!!

... raw milk/cheese/beef (all organic) for some time now.

>>We view the above as Good and Bad choices, John. Good because it's raw and organic. Bad because all of them are derived from animals. Animal flesh and its derivatives � whether from beef, pork, fowl or dairy � were not meant for human consumption. By-Products from these animals are even more detrimental as they are higher up on the food chain thus have more contaminants: ie., pesticides, fungicides, hormones (which stimulate growths and tumors), and antibiotics.

Lately I read of milk/MS connection. I really don't know what to eat for the best-everybody offers conflicting advice!

Who can I trust?



>> There is definitely a milk connection, John. See info on that subject on the  website. Note: Although many vegans consume soy milk and soy products, we do NOT recommend soy as a health promoting food. Among other things, it is too concentrated a protein, and contrary to popular belief, concentrated protein, not fat, is the single most important factor in promoting premature aging and chronic disease, according to Dr. T. Colin Campbell -- lead scientist in the most comprehensive study ever done on the cause of disease.

>>Re: milk: Once humans acquire teeth they are meant to be weaned and to begin consuming solid foods consisting of a plant-based diet. About the age of three, humans lose the enzyme required to digest even mother's milk. Many people think they are allergic to milk, however losing the ability to digest it is a natural phenomenon. Those who show no reaction have probably passed the stage where their bodies have the ability to "register complaint" via symptoms, which means disease is probably building.

>>For the record, humans are the only species who continue to consume milk after they are weaned. The fact they are consuming fluids from an alien species is all the more detrimental. Cow's milk was intended to bring a newborn calf of about 60 lbs to approximately 800 - to 1,000 lbs in one year. Think what that kind of protein overload does to a human baby. This factor, made worse by the injection of Bovine Growth Hormones in dairy cows, has been linked to the onset of early puberty in our youth, not to mention a host of associated diseases in children and adults.

>>Educate yourself and then trust your body to tell you what is right for it, John. Following is information re: the milk and MS connection.

>>To further educate yourself, you might wish to go back to our website, click on articles, and click again on the subject that interests you. A good place to begin might be: Calcification: the Disease Culprit by Dr. Monroe Burton at:  

Gerry Coffey, Health Educator/Public Relations Officer

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