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We began this Advice section as a means of assisting our visitors in answering many of their health and diet questions, and in encouraging them to take a pro-active part in their own health.  We believe that the information contained herein is true, but are not presenting it as the only solution to a problem.  We, personally, have found that a vegan diet has helped our own health, and simply wish to share with others the things we have found.   Each of us must make our own decisions, for it's our own body.  If you have a health problem, see your own physician.

Nutritional Supplements when Traveling


I have followed the hallelujah diet pretty closely, except I have only used two bottles of the barley max in a two year period. I juice every day. I am going on a trip to the Philippines and was wondering what to do when one travels to replace juicing? I have had breast cancer so I try to be careful about taking care of myself nutritionally. I know they have a supplement of carrot max but am concerned about the high sugar content. I have been advised to keep fruit and carrot juice to a minimum? Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi, Cherie:

CONGRATULATIONS on going to the Philippines. I have many fond memories of my visits there.

RE: supplements. Are you taking sublingual B12? That's the only one we recommend vegetarians be sure to take.

As far as the other supplements, I personally think BarleyMax would be superior to any of the others if you do not have access to the fresh, raw Romaine, Cabbage and other greens. Should you decide to purchase some, you are given a 10% bonus on your first order by providing the following Pin # 698.

If your travels will only take you away for a few weeks, and you stay at good hotels, they should be able to provide safe green salads and steamed veggies for you.

Hope this helps;-).


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