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We began this Advice section as a means of assisting our visitors in answering many of their health and diet questions, and in encouraging them to take a pro-active part in their own health.  We believe that the information contained herein is true, but are not presenting it as the only solution to a problem.  We, personally, have found that a vegan diet has helped our own health, and simply wish to share with others the things we have found.   Each of us must make our own decisions, for it's our own body.  If you have a health problem, see your own physician.

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

From M:

Dr. Malkmus,

I have read your articles on the internet. We have spent a small fortune on vitamins, herbs, you name it and we have tried it.  We have received some relief here and there but nothing permanent.

Gerry's response:

Hi, M:

I am one of Dr. Malkmus Health Ministers, and I gather you were reading some of the articles on our website.

We do not recommend herbs, vitamin or mineral supplements because once out of their natural state they are no longer in proper balance with the other vitamins and minerals which work in synergy with each other.

From M:

We have had carrot juice, and liked it, so that part would be easy for us.   We are thinking about buying a couple of your books, because we are not sure how to begin.

Gerry's response:

Rhonda Malkmus' book (Look under "Resources" on our website) is a comprehensive book with recipes and information about health to take you from raising babies to old age. It's an Excellent book. There are also other books related to health outlined there, as well. And there are a few with book reviews. (Just click on the "Book Review" section.)

From M:

The recipe book sounds good, for a starter.  I would like to ask you a question about carrots.  It's hard to get organic carrot, can you use the commercial ones from the grocery store instead? I would be pleased if you could answer my question.


Gerry's response:

True organic is always best, however we recommend people not concern themselves about organic because many of the "Certified" organic foods still have questionable pesticides and fertilizers which in some cases might not be better than the regular non organic produce.

So unless they either grow it themselves or know who grew it, it might not be worth the extravagant price some places charge for organic food.

When juicing, California carrots are usually the best tasting because soils in Florida and some other areas are depleted of minerals and the carrots are bitter as a result.

Re: Pesticides: Wash the carrots under clear water, and when juicing we do not bother about peeling because most of the pesticides will be bound up in the pulp.

We usually do peel the carrots, if not organic, for eating whole or using in salads.

Hope this helps.

Gerry Coffey Health Minister/Alabama

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