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Disease-Free Living Through Fitness and Nutrition


April 26 - May 4, 2014

John and Ocean Robbins

Broadcasting Worldwide

Free - online!

You are part of a movement, a true revolution that is happening at the grassroots level. It�s gaining momentum daily.

More and more people are recognizing that big agribusiness has made profits more important than your health � more important than the environment � and more important than your right to know how your food is produced.

We�re all getting fed up. We won�t stand for this

We are reclaiming our right to know what�s in our food. We are reclaiming our right to healthy food and healthy agricultural practices.

A revolution is building... And on April 26, the Food Revolution Summit starts!

Check out all the powerful videos that we�ve added to your Food Revolution Summit Resource Kit.

They're all linked here.

You�ll find 2 short videos from my dad and colleague, John Robbins.

You�ll hear about inspiring trends in the food movement; and why compassion for animals matters to humans.

You�ll also hear what Food Revolution Summit participant Gina Bonanno-Lemos says about how the Food Revolution Summit changed her life. (Every time I listen to this recording she sent us, it makes me cry.) And there are lots of other powerful films and resources up and down this page, too.

Check it all out here.

Yours for healthy people & a healthy planet,
Ocean Robbins

P.S. The FoodRevolution Summit starts soon. There will be three powerful presentations every day. You can listen live or on 24 hour replay. But if you want it all for life, include the recordings, transcripts and bonuses, then check out your special $100 discount on the Empowerment Package by clicking here.

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