wpe491.jpg (4485 bytes)wpe491.jpg (4485 bytes)CREATURED

by Michael O'Reilly

wpe4CB.jpg (36256 bytes)wpe4CB.jpg (36256 bytes)The earth is poetry,
vital, alive,
fervently detailed,
massive words.
And God said:
"Let there be
a blade of grass."
And there was.

People erupted
out of wildness,
with souls intact.
Nature's thoughtful
gives us
a soothing reminder
that we are
more than physical.

The creatures and trees
wpe28.jpg (50340 bytes)wpe29.jpg (69342 bytes)were never meant
to be used
til the death of them.
No one knew
or understood
the earth would

lose its way.

Those great minds
and small ones
tried to tell us
how simple it is;
that what was here
would not be here

To return to
the earth of
its created intention,
leave it not defenseless.

Never again ignore
how its brightness
and miracles
haunt and inspire
the day.

Copyright: Michael O'Reilly (October 24, 1997)
Guilford, CT

About the Author:
Michael O'Reilley is a writer who lives with his family. Every day, Mike struggles with a mysterious condition called "autism." In 1997, a course about "Nature and Religion" offered at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT, stimulated Mike's thoughts and feelings about the world around him. This poem, "The Earth," is a result of this deep search into the gift of the earth. Michael plans to continue his journey through autism via his writing.

Thanks to Michael's advocate, Sarah Murray, of Branford, for her support in his submitting this poem.

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Getting a taste of God's creation as it should be!

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