Compassion Internet Christian ChurchCompassion Internet Christian Church

An on-line vegetarian / vegan Christian church ministry providing counsel, support, and fellowship.

Compassion Internet Christian Church
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Our Church Ministry

We are here to help those who have been given God's gift of understanding  that the rights of animals are just as important as those of people, and who feel rejected when they express these feelings in their local church.

The purpose of this non-denominational ministry is to help re-establish God's original intent, of having cruelty-free living for all of creation, back into the local church.  We do not seek to replace the local church, but to help build it up to overflowing with true and unlimited love and compassion so that the world will fully know that we are Christians.

We support a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle, as originally intended (Genesis 1:29), for we believe that no other creature should suffer or die that we might live.

As loving vegetarian / vegan Christians we also seek to help others improve their health through a proper plant-based diet.

We are against violence of any kind, for violence only leads to more violence, and never to the peace that Jesus gave us and left with us (John 14:27).  God's "Shalom" is for all people, animals, and the physical world.

We believe we are to be stewards of this earth in accordance with God's commandment (Genesis 1:26).  In this capacity we are to protect the earth from all evil and destructive forces.  We are to work to eliminate all human-created suffering and death.