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Directory of Vegetarian (Vegan) Pastors and Churches Who Are Animal Friendly

Richmond, IN
Richmond Church of the Brethren

We recently had a member of our congregation share her story at our Sunday morning spiritual storytelling class. She remarked, on the edge of tears, that one of the most meaningful aspects of her worship at Richmond Church of the Brethren was the fact that she hasn't been belittled, derided, or even questioned for her open commitment to and love of animals. 

The Pastor and his wife are not vegetarian, but they consume meat on a very limited basis and almost exclusively locally-sourced. The Pastor seeks to foster honest and respectful dialogue about issues of animal-eating with regard to stewardship of the earth and its limited resources. He and his wife host a weekly dinner and conversation in their home that is almost always vegetarian and is frequently vegan. If he knows there will be vegans in attendance at a function in his home he makes the meal vegan (dessert included)! He is remarkably accommodating and always pleasant to deal with on the issue. 

As the vegan Office Manager of our Church (one of only three paid staff members), I raise the issue of welcoming vegans whenever possible. Most recently I wrote our Ministry Team with a simple request--if our church provides turkey for our Thanksgiving meal (prepared by an older member of our congregation), then it ought not expect our numerous vegetarians and vegans to provide their own entree at the fellowship meal. My request for a vegan main course provided by the Church was immediately and enthusiastically answered in the affirmative by all members of the ministry team. Thanks to them, we had three Tofurkeys at the fellowship meal and Christian vegans went home with a full, peaceful belly. Other entrees included a mock-meatloaf and marinated tofu with walnuts.

Our congregation is made up of many vegetarians, a couple of vegans, and lots of folks who care about what they eat and are trying earnestly to consume fewer animal products. We are welcoming not only at the Thanksgiving table, but at other events such as the Pastor's weekly conversation and dinner and beyond.

Basically, because of the make-up of our congregation, there have to be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options at events because...that's simply who we are! So while we have our fair-share of meat-eaters, we also have a greater-than-usual (at least from my perspective) percentage of vegetarians and vegans. 

Adrienne Lowe, Office Manager
Richmond Church of the Brethren

1 SW 17th Street
Richmond IN 47374
(765) 966-1930

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