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Grand Rapids, Michigan
Square Inch Community

[NOTE: Church closed per note from Steve De Ruiter, May 23, 2017]

We are a Christian Community striving to live fully in this life and on this earth that God has given to us. Because we believe that Christ has ownership over all, we acknowledge and respect the fact that each human being bears the Image of God. We aim to be a hospitable community where people feel safe to ask questions and find answers to all of life’s questions.

While we don’t hide the fact that we are Christians, we understand that not everything in life is easy or cut and dried. Even if you are not sure you believe what the Bible teaches, come and explore our community and see if there is a word from God for you here. We won’t reject you because you don’t believe. We will, however, do our best to love you as Christ has taught us.

On Vegan eating:

All of Square Inch’s communal meals are vegan.  

What this DOES NOT mean:

  1. That you must be vegan to attend Square Inch.
  2. That we’re going to be talking about food and food choices all the time…it actually happens very very rarely.
  3. That anyone is going to try and convince you to be a vegan.
  4. That the vegan diet is a main focus of the church…it’s not, our main focus is Jesus.

What this DOES mean:

  1. That if someone has decided for him or herself to be vegan based on moral issues, that choice will not interfere with his or her ability to truly be part of the community.
  2. It means we are trying something in the way of Radical Hospitality.  There’s good stuff to ponder on this issue in Romans 14. Basically what we are saying is this:  we recognize that food is often a contentious issue.  We are deciding to make our meals as inclusive as possible.  Everyone can eat a bean chili, but not everyone can eat a ground beef chili.  This is not a judgment against meat-eaters…so no one who eats meat should feel as if they aren’t as welcome as those among our community who are vegan.  We are made up of Vegans, Vegetarians, Omnivores, you name it.  This is a hospitality measure so people can hear the Good News of the Savior Jesus Christ without feeling like they have to leave during our meal time.

And it means that we have some really killer recipes to share with you! Visit our recipe website!

Rev. Steve De Ruiter
Square Inch Community

920 Cherry SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
(616) 454-4888 x110

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