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Vienna, Austria: M. Mag Tomasz Jaeschke

The Animal Pastor speaks German and Polish, is originally from Poland but now lives in Vienna.

Tom's dream:

Tom had a dream about the Church, manifesting to the current world the Good News about the Love of God, and having before its eyes not only people, but also animals - a Church which, hearing the Gospel Words of Jesus:

"Whatsoever you do for one of these least of my brethren you do unto me" (Mt 25; 40), applies it both deliberately and heartily to the animal world and who announces it to them and does not see in them any scandal or opposition, but simply the all-embracing Love of the Good God and the essential calling of the Gospel.

Tom had a dream of a frenetic Church, a joyous Church, a Church open to all beings living, suffering, loving, both human and animal.

Without dividing those on the inside and those on the out, without differentiation, without prejudice, without placing one's personal politics above the Gospel calling.

Tom had a dream about a sanctuary, whose doors remain open for one as well as the other, a place where both feel as if in their own home, rejoicing in their mutual presence, where it is enough simply to be, and that itself brings delight.

Such a place on Earth where, upon entering to meet God, one can take with oneself one's animal friend, and there no one will ever be surprised, but on the contrary will rejoice. A place where, as in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3; 8), one feels as if one is walking alongside of God. 

Animal Pastor:

I don't want to call myself a vegan, because it causes separations, and I don't want to do that. I want people to come together because of their good will. We don't need a society of categorizing, for only together we can be strong.

So I am not a vegan but I don't eat meat. I don't eat my brothers and sisters. And I don't buy eggs. I don't buy milk. And also I do not buy leather clothes.

I don't want to live at the costs of others. No, I just won't do that. 


A petition at Change.org enables you to write a personal message for Pope Francis I.​

During his visit in Assisi, in October 2013, Pastor Tom will leave a personal letter for Pope Francis I, pointing out the importance and responsibility of the Church towards animals, together with your signatures and your personal messages to Pope Francis I.

You can access the petition here. Please sign it, leave your comment (optional) and share the petition with your friends and contacts; please spread the word!

Tom, the Animal Pastor, will take your signatures to Rome on the 4th of October, 2013, the day of St. Francis of Assisi.

M. Mag. Tomasz Jaeschke
[email protected]
phone +43 699 11 32 36 90
Animal Pastor ​
Animal Pastor - Vatican

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