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Directory of Grass-Roots Christian Ministries Who Are Vegetarian (Vegan) and Minister to Animals and the Humans Who Care About Them


Arizona: Phoenix - Shaynie Aero, Coordinator

We are Angelic Animals

We are a ministry which seeks to elevate the status of animals to their proper place in Christianity. 

Shamefully, most religions put animals in a second class citizen or commodity position: They preach that only humans are made in the image of God, that lambs and calves in Bible times were ordained to be sacrificed, and that these innocent creatures can be used to serve human wants.

We must humble ourselves, and realize the sins humans have committed against these helpless God created beings, by eating them, by experimentation on them, and by wearing their skins and fur.

As part of our ministry, we will conduct funeral and memorial service for someone's beloved companion animal, as well as other compassionate services that the churches are not providing to people who care about animals.

Contact Shaynie Aero at [email protected]

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