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God made all His creatures free;
Life itself is liberty;
God ordained no other bands
Than united hearts and hands.

This first stanza of "Slavery That Is Not" by Scottish abolitionist, poet and hymnist James Montgomery (1771-1854) is the foundation of our Freedom Ministry for animals and humans.

If you would like the support of our spiritual thinking … loving … praying … healing ministry, please feel free to e-mail us, either individually or jointly! We so welcome the opportunity to help you place the problems facing you or your animal companions at the feet of, and in the arms of, divine Love!

We take joy in the opportunity to witness, along with you, the amazing solutions that this great heart of divine Love has in store for all of us. We relish seeing proof that all of us are divine Love’s ever-free — in fact, unenslaveable — loved ones.

We take seriously the idea that God makes all living beings free. We are equally committed to the truth that God maintains this glorious freedom for all His creatures. Spiritually speaking, God’s offspring cannot be enslaved. They are free from enslavement to physical and emotional illness or injury. Free of oppression and abuse. Indeed, free of all forms of suffering and sorrow.

Understanding this spiritual premise enables both of us to trust, with our whole hearts, that Spirit (a biblical name for God: see John 4:24) answers all purely motivated prayers and meets all legitimate needs.

We view the act of praying not as a plea to God to fix sad or bad circumstances but as a grateful acknowledgement that God, whose name and nature is Love (as I John 4:8 avers), is already on the scene, holding the universe in harmonious order, loving all beings supremely, uniting us all in one happy, healthy, holy family.

Not surprisingly, when we have humbly admitted divine Love’s complete control of creation, we have felt deep peace and joy. Such calm, confident leaning on this all-present, all-powerful Love has enabled us to face and overcome all doubts and fears.

For many years, each of us has applied this kind of spiritual knowing to every challenge confronting us. And with great results! We have watched the hand of God — without human-hands intervention —free all manner of creatures (horses, dogs, cats, birds, and of course humans) from all manner of conditions (colic, skin rash, laminitis, founder, anhydrosis, infections, poison, heat stroke, urinary incontinence, tooth decay, hemerrhoids, bowel irregularity, menstrual cramps, burns, common colds, influenza, broken relationships, a broken arm, broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, diabetes, inherited illnesses, breast cancer symptoms, car-crash wounds, financial woes, and many other smaller though seemingly impassable straits).

We feel there’s nothing sweeter than seeing the appearance of discord or abnormality fade away and make way for the evidence of perfection and normalcy. Each healing has demonstrated to us that every creature of God has a divinely bestowed right to complete freedom.

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