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Maryland: Montgomery County
Ministry of Human-Animal Reconciliation
Daniel Salomon, Coordinator

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November 2012 event

Presentation available as downloadable PDF

My new church is having a special worship event using materials from one of my latest books Have Mercy On Me, An Ecological Sinner.

Who: Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

What: A Special Thanksgiving Praise/Worship Service To Honor God's Creation

As we prepare for the great American festival of Thanksgiving, here is an opportunity for us to celebrate and give praise to God for the gift of a good creation intended to sustain us and all other living things. We will listen, read, sing and pray for a new awareness and new insights that help us recommit ourselves to caring for our planet and its creatures in ways that preserve and protect it. Environmental scholar and author Daniel Salomon will offer a brief homily "On a Wing and a Prayer" and together we will come to the Lord's Table for a time of reflection, thanksgiving, and spiritual renewal. All are invited to join us as stewards of this world which God has created and declared it "good."

Where: 10701 Old Georgetown Road North, Bethesda Maryland 20852

When: November 11, 2012 - 5pm

Event Open To The Public: But visitors need to know that this is a religious service, meaning they need to be on their best church behavior: Respect! Respect! Respect!

Why: To focus on the positive, uplifting, hopeful aspects of Christian environmentalism.

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