In an effort to stamp out cruel international trophy hunting, activists in Europe have launched a campaign to "take the thrill out of the kill" for trophy hunters. They are asking the airlines that transport trophy hunters to some African countries and other appealing trophy hunting destinations to bar the transportation of "sporting" rifles. In doing so, trophy hunting would be far less appealing to European hunters, because part of the big game hunters' culture is the pride of killing an animal with their own, personal weapon.

So far, two British airlines have instituted policies against transporting sporting rifles. Now activists are asking one of Britain's largest airlines, Virgin Airlines, to also adopt a similar policy. Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson owns a large wildlife reservation in Africa where hunting is strictly banned, so adopting a policy against sporting rifles on his airlines would be both appropriate and commensurate with his goal of ethical business practices.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Ask Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson to uphold his ethics and ban sporting rifles on Virgin flights.

Sir Richard Branson
Virgin Management Limited
120 Campden Hill Road
London W8 7AR
Email: [email protected]

For more information, see the website for the League Against Cruel Sports.

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