Below are e-mail excerpts received from a desperate cat rescuer, being used with permission. It would have been easy and brief to just list “missing cat”, but the urgency is best relayed in the original request for help. Will you be able to look out for “Jewel”?

Jewel is a dark grey and black tabby with no white on her. She's pretty lanky looking and has this odd mix of short and long hair - we think she may be long-haired once she gets nutrition in her. She's got black "eyeliner" around her eyes. Unfortunately it's a pretty generic description. Her tail is narrow, but long-haired and is mostly black and she has a lot of black on her forelegs.

I was wondering if I could trouble you for a prayer request. My mother finds stray cats a lot where she lives. People seem to abandon them regularly in that area and we try to take them in and find homes for them. She found one recently that she worked with for months getting it to trust her and we were finally able to take it in. It is the sweetest cat - loving and trusting and gentle once it gets to know you. Both of us wanted to keep her, but we both have a lot of pets already and so we found what we thought was a good home. But when I called a couple of days later to find out how she was doing, the people who took her told me that they'd lost her before they even got her in the door. That was 5 days ago and my mother and I have been looking everywhere. I'm not sure if her new family is looking or not as I can't get in touch with them. I know she is afraid and lost and now it is getting cold and has been raining and grey and she must be chilled and hungry.

We're from Lawrence, Kansas and she was lost near the downtown area - 12th and Tennessee. We live across town near 25th and Iowa. She was lost across town from where we found her originally, and is now in a busy downtown district.

We have put up flyers but it's rained and I was going to put up more this week/weekend and I will add your idea of a reward. Thank you. We do have a Humane Society/Pound here and we've been checking with them regularly and have an ad in the paper. We've gotten a lot of calls, but while we've searched the areas people report seeing a cat that matches the description, we haven't been able to actually see any of them yet since they come and go. There's a parking lot someone said they see a cat in that may match her description - it comes between midnight and 2 am, so I've been staking out the lot but haven't seen it yet. It's really sad to get so many reports though because as they're coming from a lot of different areas of town, I'm sure they can't all be our cat unless she's supercat which means there are a lot of strays out there.

Could you include this cat in your prayers - that God will protect her and keep her from fear and harm and lead her back to us or to another person who will take care of her - and that somehow we'll know that she is alright?

By the time you read this, “Jewel” will have been missing for over one week. If you find her, please take her in and e-mail CLCt! using the mailbox below with your name and location so the person writing will be able to contact you directly.

Thank you and God bless your search!



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