Thai Officials Stop Wildlife Traffickers in Their Tracks

Dear Friend of Wildlife:

As part of a three month campaign, officials from Thailand have recently ramped up their investigations of illegal wildlife trafficking, and recovered more than 33,000 animals, including tigers, bears, orangutans and birds, according to a December 10 article in the Washington Post.

In one raid, a team of forestry police officers entered a house on the outskirts of Bangkok and discovered tiger carcasses quartered and on ice, 21 bear paws, severed at the joints, six starving tigers, five live bears, and four baby orangutans, one of which died because of the horrendous conditions.

Maj. Gen. Sawake Pinsinchai, a veteran police officer, told the newspaper that it was a "tragic scene" that "boggles the imagination."

Sawake's team also raided an open market, and seized more than 1,000 protected species of birds in one day, and a couple of private zoos, where they found 70 unregistered orangutans. According to Sawake,

Queen Sirikit and Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra are urging greater protection for wildlife and are focused on ending illegal wildlife trading, which, in profitability, is second only to drug trafficking worldwide.

Please send a free fax to the Royal Thai Embassy and ask them to relay your appreciation to the Thai leaders in charge of the campaign for their efforts to protect wildlife in their country. To send the free fax, go to: and log in, then select Alert #270. Or, you can send a fax directly to: 202-944-3611 or an e-mail to the Royal Thai Embassy at: [email protected]  

Thank you for taking part to help save wild animals and the places in which they live!


Dear Mr. Ambassador:

I recently learned about your country's efforts to end the illegal wildlife trade. As someone who cares deeply about wildlife around the world, please relay my thanks to the leaders of the campaign for their efforts to stop the killing, capturing and trading of cherished species such as tigers, bears, orangutans, birds and others.

Knowing that your government is working hard to end wildlife trafficking will, I'm sure, positively affect tourists interested in traveling to Thailand. Your country is well known for its beautiful landscapes and wondrous animals. Keeping the animals and the landscapes safe will only inspire more people to travel to Thailand.

Please continue the campaign to eradicate illegal wildlife trafficking.

Thank you for your efforts!


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