by Norma Carol, B.A., Ministry

Fruits, Nuts, and
Natural Foods


Dr. Tyler J. Stanley

(TEACH Services Inc.,

New York, 1998)


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     At first I was leery about reviewing a “diet” book.  Well, fears were unwarranted since this is not a “diet” book!  Diet in this title does not mean “how to lose weight in three minutes”!  No, diet is as described in The American Heritage College Dictionary as “The usual food and drink of a person or animal.”  In other words, making the food God originally provided as your usual food.

       Dr. Stanley has made reading about food fun.  His research is superb and his writing style easy and friendly.  Although this writer is familiar with vegetarian/vegan forms of dietary regiment, many questions were answered concerning what food combinations work best and which to avoid, how to get enough protein and calcium, how to know when fruit is ripe, environmental issues, and much more. 

Readers are blessed with straight reading as well as reference materials and solid scriptural basis for choosing this diet lifestyle and sharing the news with others.

Diet by Design helps us along the road to “health reform” in three parts: 

Part 1: Rationale.  This section dialogs the differences between eating organically produced foods vs. refined foods and animal products.  Dr. Stanley shows how these foods affect everyone from pregnant women and children to diabetics and those seeking to lose weight.  Quite interesting are details about what combinations work and what ones do not…and why.   We do not simply read about healthy foods to eat, we are also informed about how to find these foods, or grow our own.  Part 1 is well completed with “Healthy Eating Tips”—an easy way to stay on track.

Part 2: The Practical Fruit Guide. Beginning with great tips, Part 2 is an amazing guide to types and classes of fruit origins, uses, flavors/textures, nutrients, best season to buy and how to store—even buyer beware warnings!   It is an incredible reference source.

Part 3:  The Recipe GuideDiet by Design belongs right along side your favorite cookbooks.  Most likely the pages will be worn out with all the new, easy, and fun food combinations to try.  The recipes vary with ideas for shakes, soups, meals, and desserts.

Particularly interesting is the Appendix containing brief but powerful statistics about health in the westernized countries.

Particularly important is the section containing Scripture verses—food for thought and meditation.

There is much to praise about the work of Dr. Stanley in Diet by Design.  An obvious work from the heart, this book comes highly recommended for everyone who eats!

About the Author:

Dr. Tyler J. Stanley is a humble man, very in touch with his Creator and wishing to give all the credit for this publication to Him.  Recognizing that God has used Dr. Stanley to share the information in Diet by Design, and acknowledging his heart, this writer must also acknowledge the desire of readers to know something about a book’s author.

Tyler J. Stanley resides in Canada and has a degree in Nutritional Sciences and as a Naturopathic Doctor.  He has operated his own co-op and was a food buyer for a health retreat.  For three years, Dr. Stanley volunteered as a missionary in Costa Rico.  He has lived briefly in Hawaii and the Florida Keys. During these times, he was able to study and experiment with a wide variety of fruit, adding to his qualifications for authoring Diet by Design.

In addition to being an author, Dr. Stanley runs a health counseling service via e-mail and regular mail.  It is an in-depth health, diet, and lifestyle form.  I have received some of his invaluable advice and recommend checking it out.  The initial cost is $99.00 (US) for a thorough analysis and related recommendations.  Additional questions and counseling cost less than the original counseling.  Reach Dr. Stanley at [email protected].

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